Man sacrifice their health to make money. Then they sacrifice money to recuperate health. And then they are so anxious about the future that they do not enjoy the present; the result being that they do not live in the present or the future; they live as if they are never going to die, and then die having never really lived. I think what Dalai Lama was saying is that humans are crazy. Constantly worrying about something. Spending our lives planning the future, counting the money and goods we have and need to attain instead of simply enjoying the present moment. To save myself I had to learn how to pay attention to small details that make life great. I know, sounds corny and you’ve probably heard it hundred times. But sometimes simple things that we think we know are the answers we are looking for. We are all searching for answers. We think when we get more money, a new job, a new boyfriend our life will suddenly make sense. No, it will not. Everything you need you already have. You have you. Happiness starts within you. You are happiness. I am happiness. Each of us is a part of something much greater than our limited desires. That clutter, that fills our homes, inhabits our minds as well not letting us be. Just be. Right here. Right now. Namaste🙏🏼#livinginthenow #livinginthemoment #lifeissimple
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Believing in my uniqueness and as such, being able to express myself freely without self-judgement or without worrying about what other people may think about me, is one of my biggest challenges. . Every morning I wake up with the intention of embrace self-acceptance and being in tune with my emotions and dreams. 🧡 . Meditation, journaling and affirmations are my daily practices to nurture my Sacral chakra but, the truth is that I struggle to eat orange-coloured foods daily. 🎃 . Curious fact: I remember hating my school uniform because of its bright orange colour, hence my aversion to orange clothes nowadays 🤷🏻‍♀️ . What's your least favourite colour? . . . 📷 @artfuldesperado . . . . . . #foodforchakras #sacralchakra #hea#healingfoods #nourishyourbody #sacralchakrahealing #orangefood #healyourbody #eattherainbow #plantbased #reproductivehealth #eatforyourhealth #ommfoods #wellness #livinginthenow #foodblogger #consciouseating #creativity #foodforyoursoul #healingfoods #chakras #acceptance #healthyfood
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Beauty and the beast The future's just a promise that may change with the weather while, the past is just a photo book that can't be relived. All we really have is now. #DontWorry #BeHappy #LivingInTheNow #TimeWaitsForNoOne #NowIsTheTime #LoveChirp #LoveChirpGifts @lovechirpgifts #Tats #FingerTats #Tottoos #GetInked
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Your cancer journey can serve as either a catalyst for growth and change, or as a painful memory that flings you into feelings of fear, shame, and victimhood. __________ Unconsciously, for years I chose the latter believing that I had conquered cancer and was a "survivor" when in reality I was hiding behind the fear, anxiety, and depression. __________ The fear that the cancer would come back, anxiety at the slightest symptom, anger and shame that I would leak urine, or have bowel issues, or forget someones name that I'd known forever, or feel fatigued and not be able to keep up with others like I used to. Reality was my life at 27 years old had drastically changed in a matter of a year, and I wasn't ready to feel more different and out of place than I already felt before cancer. __________ The lack of support after the cancer and constant pressure to get back to life before cancer was increasingly frustrating and confusing all at the same time. The more I tried the more lost I felt and the more I spiraled into bouts of depression. The need and belief that I had to be strong and prove myself to everyone else was exhausting. __________ Only when I made the decision to face my memories, emotions, and allow the truth to come up, instead of putting on a brave face for the entire world, did I start to truly heal all the pain and suffering I was trying to convince myself were not ok to feel. ___________ See the real key to healing is giving yourself permission to go there. Permission to remember and truly feel the emotions without trying to bury or hide a part of you. Loving yourself deeply and being compassionate with your story all while knowing it's ok to let it go because it in no way defines the person you are or the life you choose to live. #lifeaftercancer #thrivingaftercancer #survivor
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