Super Soul Sunday airs on Sunday mornings on the OWN Network where Oprah sits down with some of the most recognized spiritual thinkers of our time as well as many other guests to discuss personal fulfillment. ✨ Last night she hosted a special broadcast from Times Square and Bradley Cooper was one of her guests. He talked about his vision for making the movie A Star is Born and the incredible amount of vulnerability it took. He also spoke about the joy in the process and no matter what the reviews were of the movie, not letting anyone take his joy away from him. ✨ I have started my Sundays morning watching Super Soul Sunday for years and can contribute so many of my life decisions to the teachings I learned from my Sunday mornings. ✨ The exciting news is you can now listen to these soulful conversations on her podcast, Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations and I would definitely start by listening to her conversation with Bradley Cooper ✨✨
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Your mistakes will catch up with you one day..but what have you done to move forward and better yourself to learn and grow from it?
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We love powerful, prayer-filled moments like these! CCSC alum @21lynette will be moving to China this week to begin teaching English — sharing her life with others and sharing the love of Christ with all! Heather is living with purpose and it’s so encouraging to everyone she’s around! #LiveWithPurpose
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Yesterday I had the opportunity to be featured on the television show Message To The Masses with Tesa. It was an ah-mazing experience! To be doing the things that were once only on the pages of my vision journal is 🔥. I was able to talk about my work as a Life & Business Mentor, drop some powerful nuggets and share about my passion to empower women to individualize the power of God within to create a meaningful and successful lifestyle. It is a true blessing to live my purpose daily --- and help others do the same. Thank you @tesacolvin for being the spirit-led, powerhouse you are and for curating a platform dedicated to sharing messages that create positive change in the world. Sidenote: Who is the woman you dare to be? What do you envision her doing? Write it down. This life I'm living became real when I transferred my thoughts from to heart to paper. This is critical step number one. ❤ Tye
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Today, on Little Cup of T - Sermon Summary Sunday: • • “God exposes sin not to shame us but to change us.” - Check out my stories for a word on how, even though we want to do the right thing, we don’t and how we know what we are doing may be wrong or sinful but we do it anyway. - Starting today, every once in a while I will be sharing a summary of the sermons given at my church because I believe that when you receive a good word it is meant to be shared with His kingdom! 😊 HAPPY SUNDAY! ❤️
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No household is complete without a set of handy screw drivers and hex keys!! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #shopwithpurpose #livewithpurpose #betheremedy
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Most people just quit way too early, scared of the pain , the failure or just their self doubt. Don’t quit! Especially if you had the courage to start!
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