Weekends are better on the beach.
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Mindset, Intention, Habit, and Persistence is eveything.
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Our conversation starts with Maya Angelou and leads to our personal connection to @oprah. Many roads lead to Oprah. Find out how on #AlternativeStyles podcast w/ @jessebrune and @alisondeyette. Link to our podcast in the bio. I am grateful to be a woman. I must have done something great in another life - Maya Angelou #quote #happylife #happylifequotes #girlpower #bettertogether #livinginstyle
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Organic chicken is the best quality chicken to consume. If that is not possible at least choose chicken that is not GMO (genetically modified organisms). They say GMO meats and foods have no ill effect on our health. Last I checked any food made in a lab negatively affects our health. We can't trust the food industry. They care about money, not our health.
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