Where next? | between routine life juggling between work, working out and being present at home I love thinking of the next adventure : Starting to gather inspiration, recommendations and getting all excited for our next trip is something that I totally live for!! Where are you planning to go on your next adventure? I’d love to know 🤗 • • • • • • #travel #plane #fly#flying #travelblog #travelblogger #blogger #adventures #world #worldtravel #livetotravel #upinthesky #fly #vacation
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The Art of Chillin' 😇 . . . For most of us, Life is this crazy, hectic race of getting a million things done every day. So many of us end up feeling restless and guilty for even taking one afternoon off. Sick and tired of that anxious feeling at the back of our mind that we've missed doing something important. . The four days I spent at Ziro were a much needed lesson in the Art of Chilling. The blink-and-miss-it bars of network made it easy to forget about our phones and the world, and immerse ourselves in the moments before us. Unaccustomed as I was to the super early sunsets (Arunachal Pradesh is technically about 1.5 hours ahead of the time in Bangalore) Time in Ziro seemed to run in a completely different dimension. After the second day, we simply stopped trying to guess (or worry about) the time. We were running on Ziro time where nothing really mattered except the Now. . That cool retro chorus "Hakuna Matata!" was literally how we lived our lives for those four days. Waking up to the loveliest possible weather we could have been blessed with - and spending our days and nights in idyllic bliss - filled with music and laughter and laid-back conversations about whatever caught our fancy. . @camp_ziro was a labour of love by Team @chalohoppo, and they truly left no stone unturned in creating the most amazing camping experience possible. For most of us, the campsite was the highlight of the trip - even more than the festival itself! With live music by the amazing Tenny and band, two bonfires that burnt bright and warm throughout the night, a bar that was always open, and a team that was a perpetual delight to talk to and spend time with - Camp Ziro showed me some of the best days of my life. Thank you so, so much for this lovely gift of memories, Team! 💕 . I've tried to piece together this little montage of moments and scenes from the campsite. There were too many moments I failed to capture because my phone was seldom at hand, but hopefully these will give you an idea of the lovely vibe these lovely folks had managed to create. Apologies for the kinda shoddy video - still learning. 🙈
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