Your happiness is your most powerful weapon. #behappy #smilemore #enjoythelittlemoments #livenow
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LIVE NOW Tonight we’re running for raid jackets! #destiny2forsaken #blackarmory #mix#mixeramer #mixer #live #livenow
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Simak #LiveNow #HalloPuskesmas bersama drg Rozzy Al Fathi dari Puskesmas Bulu Lor Semarang, Stay Tune! @PkmBululor . . ☆☆☆☆☆ 🌏🔊 📲🔊 elshinta mobile Apk. 👉 ➡️➡️➡️ #Sta#Stayfitforlife #Stayfit
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“Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” . Seems like yesterday I was in Venice Beach living in @realjulianbanks living room on an air mattress. I’d wake up and surf every morning and then head to @areyoubeingreal house where T was living. We’d work on so many random projects, but then the TEDx and speaking stuff started to become a real thing. We launched our course about a year ago, which I thought would be our whole business lol. Was only there for 3 months before we came back to San Diego. Would have been impossible to believe we’d have built what is in front of us today, with an amazing team. . I’ve realized that life is always lifing, and that I’ve chosen a path of growth. Which means I always have this feeling of “new responsibility, oh fuck!” Haha. . But whatever the situation, I’m doing my best to embrace the joy in it all. Not worry into the future. It’s pretty cool to reflect, and makes me excited and curious what will happen 365 days from now. Here’s to the next chapter! #OfficeVibes #Leucadia #LifeOnFlow #ChooseGrowth
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Back in Tampa for a couple weeks 😎🌴 Enjoying the sunshine before heading back to NY for the holidays. Shoot me a DM if anyone wants to shoot while I’m around! Here’s a few shots I took shooting w @add__a__line a few weeks back🤘🏼Crazy how sharp some of these came out even tho they were shot on my 12 mp a7sII 😅
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