I seriously #lovethesehumans❤️ #dancefriendsarethebestfriends 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻#dancinggoddesses 🌹#livelifewithenergy #danceallovertheworld 💃🏻 #domoreofwhatyoulove❤️ #findyourpeople #yourtribeisyourvibe 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ #surroundyourselfwithgreatness 🙆🏻‍♀️#girlpower🌼 #wedance #latindancers #girlsjustwanttohavefun 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 #thailand🇹🇭 #bangkokthailand #fourpointsbangkok 😍 #funbythepool #takeabite #exceptionalexistence #findyourtribeandlovethem 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 @lasalseracubana @christeleontherun @leannemurray530 @mel_alicia
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I am so happy! At last, the day has come when I’ve decided to take a big step to fulfill my dream. To work full time with what I love most of all, to help people feel better (physically and mentally). The future is bright and I’m so excited about my journey. #nextstep #nextstepinlife #mynextstep #newpathinlife #imdoingit #happiness #exc#excitedhefuture #excited #countdown #personaltrainer #personaldevelopment #myonboss #consulting #consultinglife #healthconsultant #ent#entrepreneurlife #entrepreneur #myjourney #livelifewithenergy
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If you’re not happy with your body, your job, your lifestyle, or your mood....change it!!! Do you wish your body was fitter? Do you wish you had more energy? Do you wish you could skip the 9-5 job and work from home? Do you wish you had the energy to keep up with your kids??? Then make that change! Believe in yourself, decide to do it and make new choices. My next Clean Eating & Fit Group starts soon and I’d love to help inspire you to make that new lifestyle dream a reality!!! You can do it!!!!!!!
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A colourful life is a life surrounded by loving and caring people. A life without people is no life, a life with people is colourful. The stories people tell me about their lives and achievents are just so amazing. They brighten my colourful life. More colours to follow 😁😂😀🎶💕 #TrailRunning #Zen #Relax #SportyHolidays #ActiveHolidays #LiveLifeWithEnergy #LiveLifeToTheFullest #Motivation #TrueLove
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I recently took someone’s advice to try adding NingXia Red in my fruit smoothies and I’m so glad I did! This one has fresh strawberries, orange slices, pineapple, organic greek yogurt, crushed ice, and 2 oz. of NingXia superfruit juice! Can you say de-lish?! How do you get your daily dose of NingXia?? 🍊🍓🍍
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NingXia Red® with breakfast always!! This superfruit beverage contains premium ingredients including juices and extracts from superfruits such as aronia, plum, blueberry, and pomegranate, plus a whole-fruit puree of exotic wolfberries. This wellness supporting drink also offers your daily boost of pure essential oils! NingXia Red juice includes Lemon, Yuzu, Tangerine, and Orange essential oils for a delicious, powerful blend, plus a sweet, balancing hint of pure vanilla extract. Good for the whole family! Substitute sugary drinks with NingXia Red—a healthy alternative for yourself and kids. Recommended daily amount is 2–4 oz. Best served chilled. Shake before use. ♥️
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10% off several Starter Kits!!! There’s no time like the present, literally. Grab your Premium Starter Kit today, and get started on your journey with essential oils. Let this be the gateway, for you and your family, to a more natural and healthy lifestyle. It will change your life, if you let it! I can promise you that. 🌱🤑
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No need to visit far places to see the beauty Earth has to offer. Navigating a boat on a hot Sunday afternoon in my own back yard in Amsterdam, gave me the exact same feeling I had going on a boat spotting animals in Costa Rica. I am grateful for all the small and big things I have in life. I hope you are too! #LiveLifeWithEnergy #LiveLifeToTheFullest
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