Plant deep roots and you’ll have no need to bow to or fear the wind! #blessings
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Living in the balance and rhythm of coming as I am, loving and embracing it all, and simultaneously always working to improve, be better, be more. It takes some work, but it’s totally possible to be 100% irrevocably in love and oozing gratitude for every aspect of this life, while also looking to improve it even more. And I think that’s pretty neat. 🤓 #HappyHeart #LiveLifeWholly
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Something about rainy days with books, blankets, and little brown noses. 🖤 • • • I’m recovering from heart surgery last November, and a couple other procedures as well, while trying to get back into my full power of working, we’ve already got 30 homes closed and pending for 2019. There is a LOT that goes into each of these aspects, and I spend a lot of time beating myself up for what I am doing and what I’m not doing, where I’m at and where I’m not at, and feeling so worn out about the physical miserable-ness and limitations...promptly followed by trying to reframe my thinking and my mindset, trust where I’m at, and give thanks and acknowledge the incredible blessing of health I do have (and every other million tiny yet huge, incredible blessings of this life). Part of this process, that I think applies to everyone, is working to focus on being more intuitive, and aware. In all aspects. Part of that is soaking in all the cozy, quieting things when my body and my heart calls for it, and kicking @$$ and taking over the world when my body allows it. This is hyper-sensitivized by my condition (like, I have no other option), but something that I think we can all be better about. Your heart is EVERYTHING. Control the things you can control, nurture yourself not in an indulging way, but in a way that gives you the power to take on all of your amazing dreams. Don’t wait until you lose your health, your house, your love, or any ruthless wake up call to give you the clarity and the purpose to start living your life to the fullest. THIS is your motivation. THIS is your wake up call. THIS is your time. Freaking rock it. #HappyHeart #LiveLifeWholly
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I’ve been glued to this spot, face deep in my laptop, for like, a bajillion hours straight. Anyone else have productivity dripping off you today, or are you distracted by those beautiful Idaho blue skies? Most of you know I had to take about 3 months off of work following a pesky heart condition, heart surgery, emergency appendectomy surgery, and a fractured vertebrae and damaged/torn ligaments in my back - I can’t tell you how good it feels to tackle a long list of organization and system integration and lead generation to keep us excelling as #topproducers in the real estate market (Casey and I already have over $8million closed & pending in production for 2019 🎉🎉) and developing/learning how to serve our clients better and better, pluuuuuuus that other secret project I keep eluding to that God placed on my heart after my own experience with a deadly heart condition, and the shocking research I uncovered following it. I’m still not gonna let the secret project out yet, but I’m lit on fire about the future, and I hope in the mean time all my friends and followers remember what an absolute [email protected]$$ you each are, regardless of the countless trials you face, regardless of your age, your background, your current situation, or the limiting thoughts that always creep up, none of that can stop you as long as you keep getting up, I hope I can be proof of that for you. So get up, smile at the sun, and get to work feeding your dreams and your #happyheart #livelifewholly Oh, and on a totally other note, I’ve been thinking of painting that wall where the table is, do I commit or do I leave it bright?!
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In the words of Brian White “It’s not the days in your life, but the life in your days that counts.” It all boils down to CHOICE. How do YOU CHOOSE to live today? Do you choose to just pass through another day in life? Or do you choose to truly LIVE another day. We only get one life. Make your day count and go out and live the life you want! #LiveLife #Days #Motivation #Inspire #BeInspired #InspireInternational #LiveLifeWholly #Choose #ChooseLife #LiveTheLifeYouWant #Choice
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Spring is officially here, and I’ve got the blazer to prove it 🌸 It’s been a busy couple of weeks, my niece and nephew both turned 1, Addie went in to heat and Easton has lost his mind (our pups, for those who don’t know their names 😅), I got caught in the spray of a skunk today, I can officially pretty much drive my own self everywhere I need to go, I had hopefully my last ever procedure on my back and today am finally starting to feel more healed up, I made my debut back into society at @Amherst Madison Council Meeting, followed by our company Advisory Board meeting, then two Awards Gala’s, followed up by speaking on a Panel at an awesome event, saw I think all of my various doctors and have managed to keep out of the hospital, Casey did an amazing job carrying our team through all my surgeries and new twins of his own, I started working again in January and are soooo close to having over 25 homes, and $8.3 million in production sold and pending already for 2019. I’m also planning my “Back to Life” celebration, and working on a really incredible special project regarding heart disease and life in general. I’ve had to continue to learn every day how to adapt - at first it was just learning how to get through basic tasks, and now it’s learning how to do recovery, how to respect & honor limitations while also simultaneously trying to break them, and get back to my old level of achievement. It’s really a struggle for me, but it’s all just a conversation in my head. A negative thought enters, I tell it a new perspective. It’s pretty much as simple as that. I have a lot of people ask me how to get started in real estate, or other entrepreneurial journeys, and learning how to talk to yourself and manage your perspective is huge (in all areas of life), but I think the best advise is to load up on dope blazers and smile at the sun. 😜 What’s a limiting thought you struggle with in your life or business, and how do you break through it? And what are you celebrating this week? #HappyHeart #LiveLifeWholly
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(**For giveaway info read to the bottom, but you have to bare through my mental giveaway first 😜) Resources flow to the resourceful. It’s so subtle but so eye opening. I know especially in my business I’m presented with soo many tools, tips, tricks and resources that I can’t even keep them straight. I love learning and I’m decent at finding and implementing tools, it’s part of why I’ve had the success I’ve had, but I also know there are (so many) ways to be even more resourceful. How many times do we find ourselves asking for more, while not even utilizing, or appreciating the things we already have? Whether in our businesses or careers, our finances, or all of life in general. The idea that the more resourceful you are the more resources will come your way is so brilliant, and so TRUE. Just like the more you express gratitude, the more blessings multiply in your life. Like how the world gives to the givers, and takes from the takers. Be more mindful about creating the absolute most with what you have, and all the sudden you have more, and more, and more (and more). Like for example, the GIANT box of @grovecollaborative items that showed up on our doorstep. 😂 Many of you saw in my stories we got a surprise/bonus delivery from my normal monthly order. We’re absolutely thrilled about it and obsessed with Grove, but we got more than we need, which means....GIVE AWAY!!!!!! I’m giving away a cutting board, Mrs. Meyers 64 load Laundry Detergent in honeysuckle scent 🤤, Grove cedar+sage bar soap, Grove tub & tile cleaner in lavender and thyme scent, and Grove walnut + cellulose scrubber sponge. I’m obsessed with Grove because their products are better than anything I’ve ever used, their scents are to-die-for, and they’re all completely natural! To enter make sure you’re following me, like this post, and comment to tag your friends you know appreciate awesome things, & get an entry for each comment/tag. If you tag someone who then follows me you both get an additional entry! BONUS: if this post gets 300 likes I’ll throw in my favorite Hello whitening toothpaste! Who are my resourceful friends grasping this over $60 giveaway?! ✨ Here’s to healthy & happy minds & hearts!
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I mean really, do I need to say anything else? This quote is everything. 🙌🏻 Happy International Womens Day to all the super heros owning & loving who they are enough to keep working on themselves every day. And Happy First Birthday to my favorite girl ever, my baby neice!🖤 What a powerful day. Swipe to see Wednesday night where I had the pleasure to celebrate Idaho’s top business women at Idaho Business Review’s Women of the Year, who not only excel in their fields, but in their communities. Leading in business, in their family’s, mentoring others, and giving back big time. We are all capable of so much more than we think, but sometimes it just takes someone else showing us, someone letting us know we’re capable. Breathe. This is that message. You’ve got this, and so much more. . . . . . #happyheart #livelifewholly #thisisboise #sheisboise #businesswomen #realtor #ibrawards #ibrwomenoftheyear #bosschick #gogetter #entrepreneur #realtorlife #womensday #graceandgrit #businessminded #communityoriented #femaleentrepreneurs #womenwhohustle #motivationquote #success #youngentrepreneurs #philanthropy #personaldevelopment #inspiration #comebackstory #heartsurgeryrecovery #fightingheartdisease #leadwithheart #choosejoy #yougotthis
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