Cruelty free sunscreen by @jāsön 💚✌🌞🏖 Cos nothing is uglier than animal testing 🚫☠👎 #choosekindly #choosecrueltyfree #crueltyfreesuncream #crueltyfreesunscreen #livecrueltyfree
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😂😂 the irony
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Blowing your mind with some basic common sense! 💥 #govegan #livecrueltyfree #dobetter
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That’s some mind blowing shit right there! #govegan #livecrueltyfree #dobetter
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🌿 Show yourself 🌿 Whenever I got really interested in a person online, it wasn’t just because I liked the topic but also because I could relate to the person 🌿 Most activists have their attention on the animals and talk about it, day in and out. It makes sense, that’s what you care about. But I believe you waste a lot of potential, if you only focus on the issue, without bringing in your own story more. 🌿 People listen to people. This is why street activism works so well. But it’s difficult to create a similar level of availability online. But it’s possible. The best way is to show yourself, to be vulnerable sometimes and to not be afraid to speak to your followers like you would with your friends. Believe me, they will love it, because they can relate to you more easily and nearly nobody does it and they will remember you for it. Not all of them of course. Some of them will go. But they weren’t your people in the first place and this is a good thing as well. 🌿 Be visible, be honest and you will see that people will thank you for it, that they will meet you with more openness and willingness to listen to you. 🌿 #UntilEveryCageIsEmpty 🌿 With love, Miriam
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