Come to mama!!🤗💙 Frustration is often the mother of invention. That was the case with São Paulo Design duo @humberto_campana and Fernando Campana @estudiocampana , who found themselves tired of traditional upholstery back in 2002. Then a chance encounter sparked an idea: “Someone on the street was selling stuffed animals, carrying them all in his hands - teddy bears, lions, crocodiles”, says Humberto. “Fernando and I looked at each other and said, THIS is the chair!” They headed to a nearby market and bought a zoo’s worth of plush toys. At the studio they stitched the critters together into a cuddly mound and fastened it to a metal framework with skinny stainless steel legs. The result was “a chair that connects with childhood memories”, Humberto says of the seat and its endless variations that has come to epitomize their oeuvre. It just brings a smile to the face. They then commissioned different versions for @disney - Mickey, Minnie & Pluto, @fendi - banquette of hairy monsters, @kaw@kaws aka Brian Donnelly - own famous character BFF and rest is history. The collectible chairs are coveted by tastemakers from designers to musicians. Let me know if you want to buy me one!🙏🤪 X BBJ . . . . . . . . . . Photo: Brian Donnelly’s Brooklyn home @kaws & @juliachiang Paintings: @tomoogokita & @george.condo Text: @_h_mart_ #cre#creativegn #creative #furniture #furnituredesign #artists #collectorsitem #stufftoys #disney #fendi
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Happy happy happy - @duckdynastyae
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All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast! Love you a brunch!😍🖤
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DecoupAna's Easter plate. 🙂 Happy Friday. ❤
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