🧠 I M A G I N E 🧠 One of the best things about having children is watching their imagination grow and develop. Children are naturally creative and will see things in objects or around them that no one else can. That's something we lose as we grow older, but having children brings it back out in you. I think Joshua is one of the most imaginative children. Whether we're driving in the car, taking a walk or playing cards... he never does anything by the 'rules' and it's just what I love about him.
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Increasingly, there are skirmishes within these squares about how people use their insta, labelling etc. There is the whole influencers as freeloaders debate. You can read this and say “well she would say that...” That is up to you. What I will say is those of us who blog or make insta-pretty squares, put more time and effort than a small square can convey. There is a whole heap of stuff that goes into a blog. It isn’t a 20 minutes once a week fling. I’ve had people make throw away comments at me about blogging, how they’ll set one up and get free stuff. Good luck, it is more time consuming and complicated than you might imagine. I’m not complaining, I’ve made friends through my blog, learned valuable employable skills and I get opportunities. To build a decent insta following (unless you are a celeb) doesn’t happen, it’s about creating engaging content and building an audience. I am never going to be a huge-grammar. This is my happy space, not my work space. The point to all this isn’t to justify my insta stories of the last 24 hours. I’m in a fantastic hotel in Bath @thegainsboroughbathspa, I’ve been treated and indulged as the guest of @dove to learn about their #summerrevived range of products (which I will write about soon) and which I think is a genuinely good product. Promoting something you aren’t into is hollow and it shows, on the whole it doesn’t work. So this post is #ad or #sponsored I’m going to promote the product. In return I’ve had an amazing time. Blogging isn’t all like this. I think it’s ok to be like this every so often. I feel like the universe has said “go Gemma this treat is for you” and I’m very ok with that. I’m less ok with snarking comments and ill informed forum threads which set out to make someone miserable because they put energy into something different to you. There ends my thoughts for a Friday . . . . #reclaimthehappy #prettysquares #wildforflowers #allthingsbotanical #bristolbloggers #littleloves #forahappymoment
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If there was ever a photo to capture Poppy’s personality, this is it 😂 #littlerayofsunshine #bemorepoppy
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Love you man! 😂Hugo doesn’t look impressed but he loved it😍 Milo is in love with his cousin he is bossing them around 😂 he climbed in their bed and refused to move so tonight he’s sleeping with them 😂 they looked a bit concerned but let him cause he showered them with kisses and told them to “COME ON!”😂
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Jolly Roger shorts, just added to the website AND to all you that resubscribed to our mailing list.... we’ve sent you your discount codes as promised 😎
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It’s Friday! The half term hols are so nearly here, something that excites and scares me in equal measure 😬😂 From the response to my post yesterday it seems that we’re all finding the juggle a struggle! So when you forget to hit check out on the food shop or your child tells you it’s a dress up day at school just as you’re leaving the house you can at least comfort yourself knowing the same is happening in homes all around the world! 😬 . Oh and if you fancy a dose of positivity it’s #littleloves day over on my blog where I’m sharing the little things that have made May special. . #cwscreatives #simpleandstill #nestandflourish #springblooms #sgiew_spring #startoftheday #floralfriday #flowersandotherstories #petalsandblooms #prettycreativestyle #wingingit
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Snow, banana bread and Jamberry Nail Wraps #LittleLoves https://deepinmummymatters.com/snow-banana-bread-and-jamberry-nail-wraps-littleloves/
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