I love ALL my nieces and nephews with all my heart I would never do for one that I wouldn’t do for the other but let me tell y’all this little girl is my baby man ❤️ she knows she has Tia wrapped around her little finger and I have no problem with it 😊 She’s a little mini me, same attitude, she’s bossy and spoiled lol shes loving and affectionate but still don’t take no shit, she’s girly just like me always likes to have her nails and hair done. She will never want for anything as long as I’m here! I love you my mamas💕 #TiasBaby #Niece #LittleLove #Princess
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happy national puppy day 🐶 first love & my little love 💕 #tb #chavelo #pelos #littlelove #foreverpuppies
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The sweetest wee face🥰
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While we try to teach our children all about life, Our children teach us what life is all about. - Angela Schwindt #LittleLove #Beauty #TexasEvening She never stops being fun to take pictures of 🥰
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Definitely the hardest part about leaving for vacation, am I right?! As soon as I got through security I had a video from Scott. He had walked back into the Boise and videoed her just howling and looking for me 😭💔 luckily I know she’s well taken care of, but gosh it’s still not easy to leave her! Anyone else?!!
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| S u n d a y M o r n i n g s | . . Those Sunday morning snuggles with 'Ivan' (the elephant 😂) Ivan has become Grayson's best snuggle buddy at the moment. We have to remember to take him everywhere we go now. Grayson has even started to realised Sundays is for sleep ins and went back bed after his feed for another hour ! 🤗 small victories all round haha. . . #SundayMornings#GraysonAaronBreust#76DaysOfGray#AdventuresWithGray#76daysold#littleman#littleone#littlelove#ivan#elephant#IvanTheElephant
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