Michael one day with Lisa went to a hospital in Budapest and they found Farkas he needed a liver transplant otherwise he was going to die and as mj is a great humanitarian he has to send his representative in the world in order to find him a liver corresponding to him. when he received a call him saying that it was found,he was very happy #michaeljackson #michaeljosephjackson #lisamariepresley
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“He was very aware of his image in public. I met him when he was with Lisa Marie and, again, the perception was that it was a fake relationship but it wasn’t. On the occasions I met them, they were very protective of each other. She asked Michael who I was and why I was there and he comforted her that I was a trusted person and then she opened up. They were like a normal couple. He would ask her opinion of his songs and play with her children. The Michael I knew was regular person away from the cameras but very shy.” - Adrian Grant #lisamariepresley #michaeljackson
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AU in which Lisa is his doctor, lmao. Tv Show: The Haunting of Hill House ° ° ° ° ° ° #Mj #mjj #kingofpop #kingofmusic #legend #mic#michaelson #michael #jackson #jacksley #lis#lisamariepresley #lisamarie #presley #presleyfamily
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