*Anzeige* During May 28 - June 10 there will be a mega television event to capture the anticipation and excitement of the World Cup 2018 with exclusive 24/7 football documentaries such as "a Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi" and films only on HISTORY ⚽ A must see for every football and sports fan. HISTORY can be viewed e.g. through Sky and other Pay TV-providers 📺 _______________________________________________ 🌟 SWIPE RIGHT TO WIN 🌟 _______________________________________________ 1) Follow @History_De and 2) comment under my post which football player is the best of all times to win a signed soccer ball from the legend @DavidVilla 🇪🇸⚽ #Werbung #historyoffootball #greateststoryeverplayed
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Direkt Vor dem Spielfeld😍❤ #lionelmessi #10 #messi #fcbarcelona #best #team
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