“I’ll spend my days at the museum and consulting archives” 😏😏 Tag a friend! 🐨
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Versailles vs Middle Ages. Inspired after a conference I attended this weekend 🙃 Ever had a traumatic experience at a conference? Tag a friend! 🐨
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Can you feel my frustration?... How long is an acceptable wait time to hear back from a journal where you sent an article? Tag a friend! 🐨
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Because it never stops ♥️ On International Women’s Day, I can’t help but think of how sometimes academia reproduces all the patterns it seeks to denounce 😓 And just like I’m aware that most of the men I know in academia don’t look like this one, I know I have also encountered him in seminars, conferences, reading groups, as a professor, a grad or undergrad student... Here’s a question I’ve been wanting to ask for a long time: how has being (and/or identifying as) a woman influenced your work, presence, and relationships, in academia? Tag a friend! 🐨 (and let’s dismantle patriarchy not just today)
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Spring break, baby! How are you spending your vacations (if you have any)? Tag a friend! 🐨
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Don’t mess with me (I’d like to tell my students sometimes). Tag a friend! 🐨
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Having some existential crisis sometimes, too. How do you talk about your dissertation when people ask you? Tag a friend! 🐨
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After 4 years of grad school, I still don’t know what defines a “successful” day. No matter what I do, how much I read, write, prepare for classes, teach, grade, attend talks, I always say at the end of the day that “I’m so tired today, and yet I didn’t do anything!” I’m also wondering when I internalized the idea that resting, exercising, reading for fun, cooking, or doing any of our basic human needs, is being “lazy” and “unproductive”. All in all, these “fun” activities only take perhaps 3-4 hours of the day compared to how much we work but somehow they are always too much: I’m spending too much time watching a series, too much time cooking, too much time sleeping. And too much time drawing and writing this post 😖🧐 So, what is your definition of a successful day? Tag a friend 🐨
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