After working a 13 hour day yesterday I came home to flowers and an amazing dinner. Sometimes working a full time job and blogging gets overwhelming, but I’m so lucky to have this guys endless support. Side note: he totally admitted to setting off the smoke alarms while cooking 🙈😂 • • • #blogger #thehappynow #polaroid #mystyle #peoplecreatives #wiw #abmlifeiscolorful #abmlifeisbeautiful #ootdfashion #ootdmagazine #mystyleinspiration #liketkit #peoplescreative #acolorstory #darling #oxfordexchange
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We're all girls here, so I feel like I can be completely honest with you! 💙 At times we ALL lack confidence, for many reasons. But we are strong & should know how awesome we are & feel good about WHO we are! 💪🏼💋 I wrote a post about 3 simple things that always help me stay confident in any situation & I wanted to share them with you! 😘 One of my best kept secrets? Being a girl on the go, I always stay prepared with everything I might possibly need in my purse!! I always carry my Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant for faster, extra effective protection from unexpected sweat.. it’s available at @cvspharmacy! 🙌🏼 Read the rest of my easy confidence boosting tips thru the link in my bio! #secretstrength #secretpartner @secretdeodorant . . . #liketkit #bresheppard #reallife #girlboss #inspo #blonde
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| F A S Z I N A T I O N | [heimtierwelt] | Anzeige |diesen Samstag und Sonntag könnt ihr mich wieder am Areal Böhler bei der @faszination.heimtierwelt besuchen kommen 🎀| photo from last year by @pfotentick | | #taustil #düsseldorf #handmade
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What is it that you want? Like really REALLY want. Do you want to write a children’s book? Open a bakery? Start a non profit or launch a new product? What’s holding you back? The first step with any “crazy” idea is confidence in yourself! Saying, “Hey you crazy idea, let’s do this together... I’m strong, powerful, and I’m going to make you shine.” 🙌🏻😎 It honestly takes practice and for me, confidence didn’t come naturally growing up. It was doing what I love, choosing to be around bright and uplifting people, putting myself and my work out there and then hoping for the best! Be exactly who you are and you will find your people who believe in you and every “crazy” idea you have. 🙌🏻 Full look from @modcloth - shop it using the app! I’ve been living in this jumpsuit... night and day. 😂🙌🏻 #ModClothSquad #liketkit #SayItLouder
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Did you see the latest blog post?? I am bringing in a little work look and topic where I am talking about my experience and tips on forming great relationships at work 📷: @laphotographyhtx #liketkit
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