Já conhecem a LIKE "A" BOSS ? Em 2018 será a nossa 1° edição no PARK WAY. A cada evento que passa, nos sentimos mais conectados com esse público de extrema energia positiva. Localizado em um lugar maravilhoso, se preparem para mais um evento inesquecível, com um line-up espetacular, que pretende não deixar ninguém parado em suas 12hs de evento!!! 🎂 Aniversáriante do mês de MARÇO terá direito de entrada vip + acompanhante, mostrando RG na entrada do evento. 🍺 Promoção de bebidas o dia todo a 3.99 🍻 - Cerveja - Água - Refrigerante - Casadinho - Catuaba ::::::: " LINE UP " ::::::: - Dropdealer (LowClub) - Invictor (LowClub) - Dgrove (Like "a" Boss) - Equaliz3r (LordBoy/Exclusive) - Thiago Lisboa (5uinto) - Marco Antunes (LordBoy) - Rosler (4Time) - Uriel benevenute (Like "a" Boss) P.S.: Combos antecipados & lista vip. 9934- 10815 @lik@likeabossbsb Apoio: ▶️Low Club ✡Joker TATTOO 🔯For time ♨Vipfest Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/229579810921453/?ti=cl #likeaboss #lowclub #house #deep #tech #techno danadinho #fortime #parkway #jokertattoo #vipfest @likeabossbsb
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"But....does it hurt?" This is one of the most common questions from cupping newbies - especially when they see pics of righteous treatments like this one from a couple of weeks ago. Short answer: Nope! ⠀ ⠀ Long answer: When done with proper suction, cupping should never be painful! It's normal for someone to feel lots of things with cupping - tightness, fullness, a "bubbling"feeling, movement, temperature sensations, deep relaxation. But if it's ever painful or pinchy, it might be a sign the suction is too tight - so, we adjust it so you're comfortable and can sink into a cup-induced bliss! ⠀ ⠀ As for the marks? Cupping marks are different from bruises. Bruising is caused by trauma to the tissue and capillaries, requiring healing and repair of tissues. A cupping mark (also called "sha") is caused by capillaries expanding to release blood and lymph into the tissue, causing the resulting redness and occasional, temporary puffiness of the tissue where the cup had been. The tissue is left undamaged - and the increased flow of blood increases oxygen to the area, promoting improved function and healing, and the increased flow of lymph promotes detoxification and clearing of cellular debris. Cool, huh?⠀ ⠀ After a treatment, you can expect to feel relaxed, lengthened, lighter, more "open". You might have increased range of motion, and feel less pain and tension. Sometimes, you might have a little bit of achiness in the area of cupping after a treatment, kind of like the "good ache" after a hard work out. Just stay hydrated, keep the cupped area nice and warm, and take it easy after your treatment - your body will thank you! ❤️
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His favorite napping spot. Some cat is a lil too comfy 😊 #vintagelilliesrevival #catnaps #likeaboss #vintageglider
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When the right pair of shoes set your week up for success! Happy Monday! What are your goals this week? How can you go into with your best foot forward? (pun intended) 💗👡👑 #worklife #likeaboss #businesswoman
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dont need no starbucks
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