💦Water Weight - - I’m going to give you two scenarios where overnight weight gain doesn’t mean anything. . But first you need to know this. Your muscles store on average 300-500g of carbohydrates in the form of carbs or glycogen. Along with each gram of carbs/glycogen, 3-4g of water come along for the ride, being stored in the muscle. . What does this mean to your body weight? . If you do the maths, based on that alone, that gives a range of between 1.98lbs/0.9kg - 4.4lbs/2kg that your body weight can vary by. That’s quite a big range but it can definitely be bigger because of all the other factors that cause your weight to increase. . When you diet, you eat less. Less food and less carbs typically, which means your water and carbs/glycogen stored in your muscles will be less than normal. . So imagine one day you went and ate a little something off-plan. Let’s say, pizza or pasta, something carb heavy. Or maybe you ate more than you should’ve overall. Guess what happens? . Your weight goes up due to the replenishment of the lost water and carbs in your muscles. . Another scenario is when you start strength training or maybe you just go for a really intense Spinning class. The next day you weigh more. A lot more. You feel heavy and bulky too, but not to worry. . It’s your body SUPER-compensating. Potentially, the weight gain can be even more than the first scenario. It’s your body’s way of making up for what it’s lost and also to help draw more energy into your body to fuel the recovery process, among other things. . 💪🏼💯⁉️🤩🤪😈🤙🏻 #bootygainz🍑 #humbletribefitness #ifitfitsyourmacros #caloriecounting #weightlossdiary #liftingweights #fitlife #getshredded #shreddedlife #pumpingiron #bodyengineers #physiology #intermittentfasting #trainhard #trainhardorgohome #personaltrainer #fitnessguru #fitnessfreak #nutritiontips #fitnessjunkie #fitnesstime #fitnessphysique #hypertrophy #fitnesslove #fitnessfam #cardiosucks #highprotein#preworkout #fitness#polynesian
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Do you ever take the time to take a step back and look at how you've changed in a year? I never did until recently when I realized my ass is turning 30 real quick. It's always hard to see changes in yourself unless you document and really reflect on what you've accomplished 🏆⁣ ⁣ Ever since I started lifting weights a few years ago with @trevor.martin_ ,the elusive 'two plates' always haunted me. My goal was always to be able to squat two plates without looking like a baby giraffe taking its first steps 🦒 I hit this goal last year and from then until now, I never thought about how far I've come in 365 days.⁣ ⁣ But hot damn, I'm glad I did! This is legit one year ago when I could barely put up 215# compared to today putting up 225# with my ass almost to the grass. ⁣ ⁣ It might not look like much to you but my mobility has always been shit. Seeing this video made me realize that numbers aren't everything and even though I want my 1RM to be better, I'm makin' moves in the right direction. ⁣ ⁣ What moves are you making in your life to be where you want to be? #lift #workout #fitnessgoals #lifting #squats #gymlife #strongwomen #fitnessaddict #fitnation #liftheavy #fitstagram #girlswholift #gymjunkie #gymrat #barbell #strongnotskinny #liftingweights #justlift #gymsession #snowday #rva #gymtime #fitnurse ⁣ ⁣
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