My vintage sweater collection all in one post 🙂 nothing makes me happier
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Sometimes I feel crazy. Sometimes I feel like no one gets it or understands. Sometimes I feel like I’m too old or young to do anything. Sometimes I feel like I’m not pretty enough. Sometimes I feel like I’m not “bitchy or loud” enough to be a boss/manager. The list goes on and on. . . But then I choose to go to conferences like @wellsummit & I’m reminded once again that none of those fears, worries or doubts should stop me. It’s because I’m not with like minded individuals when those thoughts creep in...remember, your vibe attracts your tribe! . . I was fortunate enough to meet and chat with @jaimeschmidt22 (founder of @sch@schmidtsnaturals> who reminded me to keep going. Resilience is key. She was 31 when she left her corporate job, pregnant at 8 months and decided to work at a hot dog shop when she decided to try a DIY shampoo class. That was the beginning of @schmidtsnaturals 🤯 There really is no direct path to success. Success leaves clues, sure. But your experience, your idea will all look different in some capacity. . . Check put my stories to hear Jaime speak! Grateful for this opportunity & will take it back to CHI! ✈️ // #wellsummit #wellsummit19
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I might not know every team in the league, but I do know that a great tailgate starts with great food! This season my game day spread consists of @JerseyMikes catered sandwiches and dessert platters! Can you tell my girlfriends were happy when they saw me holding a big box of Jersey Mike’s Subs? And don’t worry no sandwich was left behind! #JerseyMikes #ad
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Friends who brunch together, stay together
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Durga Puja is over but we Bengalis are so restless that we have already Started counting days for the next year. Next year’s Pujo schedule have already started making rounds in Social Media and we can never keep calm about it. Meanwhile as we wait for Next Year you can read all about my Durga Puja experiences this year in Kolkata. A detailed post with lots of Durga Puja pandals and Idols in some of the most popular Pujo in Kolkata are featured . . . Please check the link in bio. . . . . #lifestyleblogging #guwahatiblogger #nor#northeastbloggers #kol#kolkata2019 #pujo2019 #kolkata #kolkatablogger #kolkata_lanes #durgapuja2019 #dashami #streetsofcalcutta #streetsofkolkata #kolkata_calcutta_city #instakolkata #kolkatagram #desi_diaries #calcuttadiaries #calcuttacacophony #calcuttawalks #bongodorshon #westbengaltourism #westbengaldiaries #incredibleindia🇮🇳 #natgeoyourshot #bengalifestival #northeastbloggers #travelbloggerindia #kolkataphotography #kolkatadurgapuja #kolkatastories #kolkatargolpo
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