Cruelty free, natural and plant-based - yes yes yes! The good stuff is out there people! And not just for baby but for momma too! ❤️🙌🏼 Check out my stories today to see which of these is my absolute favorite!!
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How true is this? 😞 Why do we entertain such people, why do we sometimes share their stuff to "shame them" but then upon visiting their YouTube accounts or their Instagram page.. they have more followers and subscribers 🤔 Why are we(the people who dont agree with their opinion or what they do) making them "famous".. Trust me I've done this a thousand of times but then I decided to choose another approach. I started Sharing things that inspire, motivate or add value to my life ,people that make me proud of the human race. And if what you're doing is something that I don't agree with then I'm simply not going to share it e.g. ( hate speech, stupid behaviour, violent acts). I'm not going to encourage the world to pay any attention to you if you do not represent women or the human race in a positive way . This is just my opinion, and what I try to live by .. I try to promote the good and ignore the stupid🌸 This is something I'm trying to do, if you resonate with this maybe you will to 🌸 N.B: this is my personal opinion, You are entitled to you own🌸 Pic credit : @_lee_who_ . #tho#thoughtsuncensored #myopinion #positive #motivate #inspire #share #goodfeels #notonegativity #notostupidity #livelife #blog #lifestyleblog #myblog #thoughts #positivemind #positivelife
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How is it only Tuesday? Luckily @kohanacoffee is fueling me through the week! Not only is it delicious cold brew, but 100% sourced from women farmers 💪🏻 #girlpower y’all 😋 #kohanacoffee #sponsored
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Why I thought a long sleeved dress in 32 degree heat was a good idea is beyond me. 🙃
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