Love Yourself Enough to walk away... so, I have been wanting to share this for about a week. People constantly ask me why I am still single? Well, it is bc I have developed a low tolerance for foolishness and I love myself too much for acts of desperation. Example: I met a very nice looking, handsome and physically FIT guy recently. He seemed nice enough and he asked me out. I said yes but I begin noticing red flags almost immediately. First, he was only available in the day time, every day after 7pm he would have some reason why he became unreachable. That happened for two days straight. On the third day, Mother's Day, I had prior engagements but made plans to meet him later. While at the second event, I had a drink with my family and though I usually don't drink I thought I could handle this one drink. Much to my surprise, I could not so I refused to drive like that and rescheduled. Dude tried some 50 Shades of Grey tactics, telling me that there would be consequences to my rescheduling. Now, I laugh... bc he obviously got me twisted. How are you going to reprimand/discipline me when I have only known you for 2 days? What is the disciplinary actions? I would now be required to take him out. I would have to drive, pick the place and pay!!! Not gonna happen. Last 2 red flags... he has hit 2 different women on 3 occasions and felt no remorse and if there needed to be another, he was argumentative. Every topic was cause of debate. No Thanks. I Am Great... I love my peace, my face and my sanity way too much to spend time with someone who could possibly disrupt all 3. Know when to fold'em and walk away. ~dp #ThriveSource #Beauty4LIFE #LiveTheProphecy #CoachDee #EmergeBeautifully #LiveBeautifully #BeyondBeautifully #DivinelyDestined #MentoringTheWorld #EducatingTheMasses #EagleStatus #EvolutionOfDee #EvolutionOfUs #MadeByGreatnessForGreatness #MadeByLoveToExperienceAllLove #LiveIncandescentlyFullEveryday #LifeIsGreat
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Today has been great I howled in the morning and then I took a nap with my human #beaglelife #beagleworld_feature #beagle_pic #naps #lifeisgreat
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#Шоппинг . Последнее время замечаю такую интересную закономерность в своих путешествиях... Полное отсутсвие шоппинга как такового. . Как каждая девочка я обожаю новые классные вещи, процесс поисков и примерок, необычайное воодушевление от новых образов и аксессуаров, ведь это тоже немаловажная составляющая жизни, но... она стала как-то отходить на другой план. . Если раньше в каждой стране один день выделялся на поход по магазинам, и это был MUST, то сейчас эта идея как-то совершенно не вдохновляет. Ведь столько потрясающе интересного вокруг! Столько классных мест, историй, личностей, культура, архитектура, необычности, невероятности и вкусности ) Так хочется все увидеть, везде попасть, все запечатлеть, а не потратить время на моллы, торговые центры, сэйлы, которые в большинстве своём имеют один и тот же ассортимент в каждой стране. Эмоции от самого путешествия стали превалировать над бродилками по однообразным магазинам. Если стоит выбор шоппинг или крутецкое место, конечно выбираем крутецкое место. И совершенно не паримся, что ничего не купили, ведь мы везём воспоминания и истории. Вещи сносятся, а пережитое останется))) А как у вас в путешествиях? Шоппинг или впечатления? #shopping #lifeisgreat #wonderfulworld #happymomentsoflife #travelling
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#motivationmonday What do you tell yourself everyday... I am beautiful 😃 I can do it ✅ I am smart🤓 I am powerful💚 I am enough😊 What do you see in others... Beauty😃 Strength 💪🏼 Love💚 Confidence 🤩 If not, I ask you to try it‼️ It will change the whole energy of you and the situations around you‼️ Find joy and positive in every situation and I guarantee your world will change. #youdontsucc #lifeisgreat #positiveperspective #back2lifesolutions
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Hope you had a great weekend!💗 Startet gut in die neue Woche🙌🏼 Diese Woche wird super voll werden aber ich freue mich auf Neues und bin so happy über die Chancen💪🏼 Es ist so so wichtig seinen Weg zu finden und leider kommt das nicht vom herumsitzen und Däumchen drehen - also ab an die Ziele und Ideen und gestalte dein eigenes Leben wie DU es möchtest 🙌🏼 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Meine Montags Zumba Session war heute wieder super gut und anstrengend und morgen ist wieder Zeit für Legday😍 hoffe ihr seid auch schön fleißig👏🏼 Good Night🌝 #happynewweek
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Yes we all agree fruits & vegetables are best. The more the merrier. Whole fruits and vegetables are best. If you are like me you eat the same thing all the time. Switch it up, add variety with concentrated powdered produce in capsules or chewables. My family has been taking these for over 10 years. Variety is key. Phytonutrients are amazing. ❤💚💜🧡 #themoreyouknow #takehealthyback #lifeisgreat #onesimplechange
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As much as I love the girls 🐶🐶 and taking them places sometimes it’s nice to just take a run solo during sunset. Beautiful views, relaxing music, mind clearing, brisk salty air. It’s all totally worth the death glares you get returning home 😁 . Those with children or animals feel slightly guilty for enjoying such time alone. But don’t. Take that time, embrace it, and appreciate being able to have that time. Last night’s sunset was another beautiful one and made for a perfect run 🏃🏼‍♀️❤️
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