...happiest of birthday weekends, sweet friend. @the_angel_of_mercy #lifeisbeautiful #nightnurse #pacificbeach #sunsets #music
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Good morning HOME KONG! 🇭🇰
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Things that make my hospital stays easier? My cysters and fibros. I know some people cringe at those words but I think they are kinda endearing and special. Only recently have I made some more connections at my hospital and it is so wonderful. It is such a special and instant connection we all have. And to be able to actually sit down and hear the voices of the people I meet online is magical. To be able to reach out and know they are physically there and a real person is even more important for me. I love these two. And sitting and laughing with them that night was the BEST night of my stay! So sad Chase is leaving California but I am so stoked for your new adventure and opportunities! 💜 #cfirl #65roses #ucsd #thorntonhospital #cyster #fibro #hospitallife #myloves #lifeisbeautiful
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