Hello friends! 👋🏼 . Продолжаем серию-постов #полезности_progress 🙌🏼 . «Настроение и выражение чувств» . I’m hungry- Я хочу есть. I’m thirsty - Я хочу пить. I’m cold - Мне холодно. It is hot - Жарко. I’m tired - Я устал. I’m feeling unwell - Мне не здороваться. I’m scared - Мне страшно. I’m bored - Мне скучно. I’m in a hurry - Я спешу. It’s awful! - Это ужасно! I don’t care - Мне все равно. I’m so happy! - Я так счастлив! I like it very much - Мне это очень нравится. It’s wonderful! - Это прекрасно! I’m so excited! - Я в восторге!
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What a vacation ☀️ never thought I would love another island so much! Thank you @aliciamayu and @dclivelife for sharing this beautiful day with us ❤️ . . . . #maui #vacation #vacationmode #hawaii #hawaiianairlines #hawaiiwedding #myfavoritepeople #myloves #travelphotography #lifeincolor #hawaiiphotography
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BUCKET LIST || The fun thing about these dreams aligned with ink on paper, is when you live them. When you experience the moments you had invisaged before they came to life. Now they are life, they are real movements, real visions and tickling every real sense. For me, my bucket list is normally endless. As I go through chapters in my life, each varying from the last, new dreams are written as I'm living my previously etched visions. In this moment in time, I am ticking off 3 in one •Exploring a beautiful depth of Sri Lanka •Reuniting with Rich after living 10,000 miles apart for 3 months •Creating a travel blog!! If you would like to see some joint adventures, some paused moments in time in little squares, have a look at @fourwanderingfeet_ 👣👣 It's always in the forefront of my mind to have a simple life and live consciously, and here we are. Studi Ceylon! _____________________________________________ #Srilanka #Ceylon #visitsrilanka #sigiriya #lionsrock #ruins #history #explore #adventures #travel #travelblog #wanderess #passionpassport #getoutside #getoutstayout #godiscover #weknowbecausewego #lifewelltravelled #lifeincolor #openmyworld
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