I love spring in Amsterdam. The sun beams activate our cells and also brain cells. We get energy and can create something with it. I love listening to the birds singing, the cheerful laughter of the kids playing and just being. Yesterday I listened to a great episode of @jimkwik podcast about memorizing dreams and the benefits in doing so. I’m recording my dreams since the age of 15. It is said that the subconscious part of the brain tries to communicate with us in the dream phase of our sleep. We dream up to 7 different dreams every night and only a few people make use of this awesome resource. It is said that we can solve problems while dreaming, come up with great ideas or even invent crazy things or theories like Einstein (theory of relativity). Painters like Salvador Dali used a technique to remember dreams and manifest them in their paintings. Mary Shelley wrote the world’s first sci-fi novel Frankenstein after a vivid nightmare. In 1965, @paulmccartney composed the entire melody for the hit acoustic song Yesterday in a dream. So if you want to learn how to remember your dreams to work with them here are 6 helpful points that I extracted from Jim’s podcast #14 6 steps to remember your dreams: 1. D - decide to recall your dreams. If you make the wish before sleeping, the universe helps you memorize it (law of attraction). Expect that you recall your dreams.! 2. R - Record your Dreams. Start paying attention to your dreams. Get your dream journal right beside your bed with a pen. 3. E - eyes. Keep your eyes shut. It helps to reflect and you don’t get distracted by the outside. 4. A - affirm that you will remember. Affirm multiple times before you sleep ‚I will recall my dreams‘. ‚I will remember my dreams‘. 5. M - manage your sleep. Clear your mind. through pranayama / meditation before sleep so your mind is ready to get the affirmation (seeding). 6. S - share your dreams with your friends. Bring them to the surface. You can recall them easier. Are you recording your dreams? Why? Why not? Tell me in the comments below! #amsterdam #dreaming #lifehacks . . . . . __________________ . #yoga #yogalife #evolve #transform #become #yogi
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