Aside from personalized substance abuse and addiction treatment; we specialize in PTSD and Trauma Focused Therapy. Every clinician on our team from our residential inpatient facilities down to sober living and outpatient rehab is EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) trained and certified! What this means for you is true and lasting healing! Imagine finally being able to be actually be comfortable with yourself! You are no longer needing the help from alcohol or drugs to feel semi-normal. You can finally live the life you have always dreamed of or knew was possible! ☀️😊
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3 Words: Don't Miss This!!! There is a Word from the Lord. Bring your family this Sunday at 10am for this anointed time of refreshing fellowship as Dr Sherman Gordon Of Family Of Faith shares the Word! #act2ministries #fellowship #powerful #lifechanging #transformation
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There are just 5 days until the start of the next F45 8 Week Challenge (Challenge 22). Steve of @fitnesskeybodycomp will be back with us to provide Body Composition Analysis scans at the following dates: 1️⃣ Challenge Start scan: Monday, 29 April between 5.20am - 7.00pm 2️⃣ Mid-Challenge scan (optional): Monday, 27 May 3️⃣ Challenge End scan: Monday, 24 June between 5.20am - 7.00pm • Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to book your scans: ➡️Go to ➡️Scroll down to ‘F45 Members: Small Group Appointments’ ➡️Click on ‘Challenge Start (Feb)’ then click on ‘Schedule Appointment’ ➡️Scroll down and click on ‘More Times’ ➡️Scroll down to time slots displaying ‘Docklands - F45 Training’ ➡️Find desired time slot, then click ‘Sign up’ - tick ✔️ ‘Optional Upgrade to 3-pack’ which includes discounted mid-challenge scan, then click ‘Next’ • If you have any questions regarding the Challenge and/or the scans, please feel free to send us a DM via Instagram or Facebook, send us an email, or call into the studio to ask any one of our trainers 💪 • • • #f45 #f45training #f45docklandssouth #f45challenge #8weekchallenge #bodycompositionanalysis #transformation #bodytransformation #stronger #healthier #fitter #teamtraining #strongertogether #lifechanging
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With the upcoming heritage heat at beloved #bellsbeach #australia Occy vs Curren I can’t help it to think of the amazing battles and battle they had at #hal#haliewa with @thomasvictorcarroll and @sunnygarcia during the Reef Hawaiian Pro a few years back #clashofthelegends Sunny was unstoppable during that event as he was many of times in solid overhead surf but what a show they all put on in perfect 4-6ft #haliewa it was an honor to be apart of it and giveback to these guys whom have done so much for #sur#surfing #tha#thankyou to @wsl and @ripcurl_aus Can’t wait to watch them blaze in pumping waves 🌊 #thankyou #surfing #lifechanging #addicted #worldtour 👌🏻
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