In honor of National Women’s Business Week, cheers to the women entrepreneurs who decided to live a life by design. Women who took a risk by choosing a different type of life than usually accepted by society. To the women who took chances, fell down, and got back again. To the women who paved the way for me and have shown me how to have time freedom and be financially free. Thank you for sharing this gift with me, because through my business I have made friends, faced my fears head on, and grown as a leader and a friend. This is to the women who want to take the leap to do something they truly desire, but haven’t jumped yet: If you have nothing to loose by trying, and everything to gain if successful, then by all means try. Do It Now! #nationalwomensbuisnessday #nwbd #arbonneopportunity #bossbabe #lifebydesign #pursueyourpassion #networkmarketing #gtc2018 #vegas #throwback
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Today I heard of the powerful speech a young 5 year old (a friend of my son’s) gave his kindy about the people in charge of our planet not listening... he’s decided it’s time for him to take over and save the planet. This generation has already begun their work, let’s hope those who are lagging in actions hand the reigns over sooner than later. Public speaking and having a voice are some of the most powerful attributes I am fostering in my boys, they will speak up and change this world by who they BE. #climatechange #nextgeneration #joshuaslove
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More beautiful pics from today's travel adventure to Punk's Pumpkin Patch in Delta,CO To follow more of this most interesting travel adventure follow me at: Facebook: YouTube: #goingonalivingspree #lifebydesign #magicisreal #thiscouldbeyou #tra#traveladventures #traveladventure #colorado #rvlife #rvliving #rvlifestyle #rvwomen #pumpkin #pumpkins #pumpkinpatch
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Is this real life? Pinching myself that this is what I do for work. This inspiring Science teacher has paid off $30k in credit card debt, lost over 50lbs, and is happier and healthier than she’s ever been, all because she was brave enough to say yes to Arbonne. So proud of you Mandy!!! Passing the Benz keys to feels way better than earning them myself. Such an great weekend filled with so much love, laughter, and friendship! #thisiswork #livingforaliving #arbonneAF
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PLEASE TAKE THE QUIZ TO SEE IF ARBONNE COULD BE A FIT FOR YOU! Do you want to work your own hours? Do you want to choose your own income? Do you want to choose who you work with? Do you want to be rewarded for YOUR efforts? Do you want to be your own CEO? YES! YES! YES! In Arbonne YOU are in CHARGE of your OWN business! Prior to beginning my Arbonne business I had worked several office jobs and spas while raising 2 children. I was tired of missing out on school performances & conferences. I was tired of having to request time of weeks in advance while possibly not even getting the request. I was tired of trading in my time for money. I was tired of working to make someone else wealthy. Be YOUR OWN CEO! YOU decide what you are worth! I saw that the Arbonne opportunity was offering me a way to build a business which I could start with low start up costs, low overheads, in a supported environment simply by switching my household spending over and sharing the opportunity with others - or in other words, building a loyal consumer network. Choose WHO you work with! Here was a way to build that uncapped financial income , give me more time for the things I wanted to do, build an asset I could pass on to my children, AND all around my current commitments. I see myself as having the opportunity to CHOOSE the way I live my life and I get the chance to help others do exactly the same. Be REWARDED for YOUR EFFORTS! Did I dream of growing up and being a Network Marketing Professional in a top Network Marketing Company? NO! Was I willing to change the products over to build an incredible business? YES (the products are REALLY BEAUTIFUL and no nasties!) Do I have a passion for all that this business can provide me? YES. It is simply a vehicle to live the life you want. DM me for more information if this sounds like what you are looking for. "If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you're not sure you can do it, say yes - then learn how to do it later." - Richard Branson
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💡 Follow Your Gift, Not Your Passion - @iamsteveharveytv • Your Gift - that thing you do with the least amount of effort. Quit running away from your gift! Your Passion - that thing you're not really good at and takes up all your energy. • In Short: Your natural gift is given to you. Your passion is something you chose. Follow your gift - it will make room for you. • - @gomakeastart #sharingtheoriginal #repost#choice #time #energy #life #strategy #adventure #mindset #education #statemanagement #mindfulness #focus #neurology #hea#health #attachmenttheory #slowliving #character #value #quote #minimalism #health #fitness #grow #financialindependence #financialminimalism #motivation #success #lifebydesign #makeastart 💡
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Today's pick for best picture from today's travel adventures which landed me at Punk's Pumpkin Patch in Delta CO. What a wonderful, wonderful place with wonderful wonderful people. Bought the local Pumpkin Honey. Ahhhhmazing! To follow more of this most interesting adventure: Facebook: YouTube: #goingonalivingspree #lifebydesign #magicisreal #thiscouldbeyou #tra#traveladventures #traveladventure #colorado #rvlife #rvliving #rvlifestyle #rvwomen #pumpkins #pumpkinpatch
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