Are you sitting comfortably? . My Inner Queen retreat includes 3 x 121 coaching sessions in these very seats to help you get clarity on what's holding you back from truly balanced living and create a personalised action plan for achieving it. . Contact me about joining us 4th-6th May at our luxury country estate in Royal Windsor 👑 via DM or [email protected] . Link in Bio . . #retreat #ukretreat #womensretreat #201#2019retreat> #2019retreat #retreatvenue #flamingliferetreats #berkshire #lifecoachforwomen #lifebalancecoach #coa#coachingretreats #coachingretreat #windsor #royalwindsor #royalberkshire #ascot #henley #marlow #beaconsfield #bray #maybankholiday #bankholidayretreat #flamingolife #flamingolifeuk #innerqueen #innerqueenretreat #sittingcomfortably #patchworkchair #loungingaround
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Regardless of how silent or subtle your shifts, practices and intentions may be, they are noticed. There are impacts and ripple effects in your life, and so, beyond. In doesn't matter if you happen to be meditating for 11min in a messy office at 5am before anyone else in the neighbourhood is up (um, for example....). Your shift is noted. In you. In the universe. And, sometimes, by a watchful cat. #connectyourdots #startwhereyouare #VPofMudraAndPosture
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In my course, How to Hear What You Know, I help guide people toward finding their own #intuition. Interested? Head to the link in my bio.
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Feeling that full moon? I'll be sending reiki out to your (yes, you!) highest good and in letting go of what no longer serves you at 9pm PST tonight. Simply set your intention to receive and - boom! - it's there for you. For most connected results, set aside 30min to meditate and focus on receiving the Reiki and your intentions for the coming weeks. And like or comment to give me a heads up! Not necessary, but I love knowing who is joining in!😊 #connectyourdots #fullmoon #distancereiki
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I’ve been so busy with everything that’s going on and getting myself back into some sort of routine to stay active, track foods and keep on top of daily life... I completely forgot to celebrate that I’m officially a Personal Trainer!! - Now you can train with me. Who wants to be my client? - It’s super exciting for me coz I’ve spent years battling with weight loss and gain, getting to the gym regularly and avoiding food temptations. I’d opening admit I’m not your typical gym hunny. - I’ve tried so many different things before that just didn’t work. Now, through my experience plus gained knowledge, I’m super excited to help others. That’s why I’ve created a 12 week plan to help others learn the true science behind fat loss plus all my own hints and tips to keep motivated and guarantee success for the long term. - Check out my plan @therevitaliseplan or email me at [email protected] for more info. - #12weektransformation
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