Long Weekend Vibes 🍕 It wouldn't be a real long weekend without a little bit of wine, and this sparkling Jacob's Creek Moscato is refreshing and easy-drinking, with hints of citrus, peach and tropical fruit! So be sure to drop by the @LCBO, or shop online with the link in my bio🍷 Enjoy the bubbles responsibly! #HipToSip #ad
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Holy cannoli, it’s a cannoli @pizza !! And yes it tasted as delicious as it looks!! @urbancoalhouse @urbancoalhouseredbank
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Fruity pops from La Michoacana 🍦🍦🍦
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Dreamy Quail, still life 🐥
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Celebrating seasonal produce. Mandarins are in and tasty lil gems 🍊
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Little soupy bundles of joy...
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This may not look very sexy, but it is one of the MOST delicious things I know how to make. Swedish cardamom buns (kardemummabullar) are made with a soft and delicate dough, then spread with a brown sugar/freshly ground cardamom/butter mixture. Twisted into elaborate shapes and baked till golden brown. YUM. Recipe from @alanakysar! . . . #piesandpinups #swedish #baking #cardamom #inspiration #love #bakersofinstagram #food52grams #thekitchn #lifeandthyme #breakfast #pastry #fika #coffee
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