MONDAY... back to work.
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Aesthetics Over Size!
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If only this was the JUNGLE i would be its 🦁👑
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Last four days in Netherlands remaining. I left out with out phone for that time and this is my last post from here. - I had a very frightening experience friday night and I've been thinking a lot wether I should talk about it here or not. Anyway, I decided to share. I strongly overdosed psilocybin mushrooms which I grew myself here. I wanted to try out so called Mckenna method. At one point I understood that I'm going to die, that this mushroom will completely take over me. I started sweating a lot, I couldn't walk properly, I was halucinating big time, my temperature was below 35 I felt the mushroom inside me. All my life ran through my eyes. At some point I saw a vision that if I want to survive I have to go out to the corn field in the neighbourhood and smoke a joint there. It's quite challeging, because in order to get there I would have to jump over small river. And it was completely dark outside. So I took a joint, put anything I found on me and headed out. The closer I was getting to the field the better I felt and at one point I started laughing out loud. I felt happiest person on earth when I realised that I will not die and I am about to go to india and everything is set. I felt like winning life, finaly understanding what do I live for. I was kneeling on a dirty soil and yelling from the top of my lungs I AM FREE. That night, the 20th of september in that field I experienced ego death. I am very greatful for this gift Holland gave to me. It gave me more that I could ever ask for, it gave me freedom. - I know what I wanna do now. I wanna become the best version of myself I could ever be. I wanna become kindiest, most pieceful, most giving and forgiving person ever walked this earth. I don't know if it's a good goal financial wise, but that's my goal right now. - - #yogaposes #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeveryday #handstand #handstands #handstandpractice #tra#travel_europe #travellingyogi #travel #travelingram #travelindia #rishikesh #netherlands #dishoek #dishoekbeach #yogainnetherlands #joga #jogalietuvoje #jogaklaipedoje #yttc #ryt500 #yog#yogateachertraining #yogateacher #yogateachers #klaipeda #lietuva #lietuvis
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