I spent a part of last week in my hometown and still can’t return my normal regime. But I’ve done a lot of things - I’ve finished some outgoings, visited post office, had a walk with one of my best friends and now I have more two letters in progress.💌 I really happy I was home, it’s nice and silent place with fresh air and a lot of forests around, you could see window view in my stories. I miss it. I hope I will have more time there this summer.🌿 Do you live in small town or in big city? What do you like more? Sometimes I think I wished to build a little house in the forest heart and stay there forever.🙈
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I was drawing and painting a lot this May but can’t do anything with results. Feels like the inspiration have a long vacation. Can’t write letters and spend all of my time for cooking and cleaning house 🌿 How has your summer started?
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