Day 3 #earthdayyogis I picked Dolphin because we'll dolphins are my favorite animal 🐬 . 💖List of hosts: @yogafter40 @busybee.yogi @yogadoodsies @piccolayogini . 🎁List of sponsors: @buddha_pants @yogisurprise @vayumudra @urbanizedbeauty @yodogyoga . List of poses: Day 1: Mountain pose⛰️ Day 2: Any animal of land🦁 Day 3: Any animal water🐬 Day 4: Any animal of air Day 5: Tree pose . . Mat: @gaiam . . #earthdayyogachallenge #yogatribe #yogafamily #yogasquad #letsstartyoga #yoga4growth #yoga4all #yog#yogisoulsisters #yogisoul #happyyogis #yogamakesmehappy #yogapractice #yogamoves #yogafun #yogigram #yogisofig #chicagoyogi #yogabringsustogether #earthday2019 #earthdaylove #urbanyogi #igyogadaily #igyogagirls #namasteॐ #dolphin #dolphinpose #favoriteanimal #dolphinlove
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Not too much to say this morning so I’ll just let the movement speak for itself. /this one piece and top is from @fpmovement for all you asking in my last post! 🤗
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you don’t have to say sorry for how you laugh how you dress how you make your hair how you do your make up how you speak, you don’t have to be sorry for being yourself, do it fearlessly, it’s time you accept this is you & you gotta spend the rest of your life with you, so start loving your sarcasm, your awkwardness your weirdness your peculiar habits your unique sense of humour your v o i c e your talents your everything! it will make your life so much easier to simply be yourself 🤗✨ — @empoweringwomennow
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NEW CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT ✨Hello yogi, pour le thème" fière "je choisis la pose Sirsasana, une pose ou je suis fière de pratiquer les inversions😎J'adore ce genre de posture 💕❤️.Je souhaite une belle journée aux yogi qui participent à ce challenge - 💞 #Fee#FeelYourAsanas ✨April 15th - 24th - ✨ Hosts: @aleksic_twins @ellypse @salty_hair_yogi @alissayoga @juliemontagu - ✨ Sponsors: @aloyoga @alo.moves - A pose that makes you feel: •Happy •Upset •Satisfied •Loved •Calm •Fearless •Enthusiastic •Grateful •Weird 💕•Proud - ✨ How to enter and be eligible for prizes: 1. Follow all hosts and sponsors. 💃 2. Repost this flier and use hashtag #FeelYourAsanas 🙏 3. Tag 3 friends to join in the fun in the comments below 🤗 4. Make sure you post daily and tag all hosts/sponsors in your posts. Your account should be public so we can see your posts. 😉 #aloyoga #beagoddess #yog#yogalenge #yogachallenges #yogachallenge2019 #instayogi #fityogi #letsstartyoga #girlswholift #selflove #bodypositive #practiceandalliacoming #yogini #yogadaily #yogaeveryday #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #fitfam #fitness #goals #yogamotivation #inspo #strongisthenewskinny #practicepracticepractice #yogaaddict #yogalife #realtimeyoga #yoga #igyoga
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☯️ CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT #ene#energieswithinus ⭐May 15th-21st⭐ Join us using YinYang to help balance the energies within us to better our practice and life’s.📿 Are you running too much masculine energy or maybe a little too in touch with your feminine side? What does that even mean? Keep in mind that when we use the term masculine and feminine with YinYang but I'm not directly speaking about male or female. A woman can have masculine energy while a male can have feminine energy. Nonetheless we will seek those energies that help balance us in our practice, life, friendships and relationships.  Yin is associated with slow, cold, wet, soft, passive, yielding, and Yang with fast, hot, dry, hard, aggressive, and force. Giving is an action of our divine masculine, and receiving is an action of our divine feminine, and a balance of both energies is when we feel harmonious within. It’s simple, yet oddly challenging to achieve. This is something a lot of us are still learning about and trying to grow in. The soul needs to experience the qualities of both energies in order to become whole. So the task of this challenge is to integrate the opposite energies so that you can move toward greater holistic balance.  How to join! 1: Follow all host and sponsors 2: Like and repost this flyer on your wall so we know your in! 3: Post each day using #energieswithinus and tag all host/sponsors 4: Tag some friends to join you and don’t forget to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. 📿 Fabulous Host @anchalyoga @dancingyogini777 @bylindseyy @_nadineyoga_ . 📿 Gracious Sponsors @vayumudra @paavaniayurveda @gravolite @confusedgirlla @adoratherapy @omstarsofficial @ilovegurus . 📿 Day 1: Feminine Energy - Seated balance Day 2: Masculine Energy - Seated heart opener balance pose Day 3: Feminine Energy - Any arm/hand balance Day 4: Masculine Energy - Any inversion Day 5: Feminine Energy - Any twisted or Bind Balance pose Day 6: Masculine Energy - Any Balanced grounded pose Day 7: Yogis Balanced choice - Feminine and Masculine Energies balanced. You are now in union! #yogis #yogachallenge #igyogachallenge #igyogacommunity #yogalovers #yogastudent #letsstartyoga #yoginis #yogaeverywhere
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