Another beauty of a day!!! Sun is shining, just in time ✨
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95lbs on leg press today!!!! Loving the good feeling I get when I work out!! #getit #playhard #fitgirl #getfit #letsdothis #workhardplayharder #igotgoals #strongerthanyesterday💪 #imgunnafeelthistomorrow
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Something awesome happened today so I have to share with y’all. I was told today I looked like I had dropped weight in the last 2 weeks (always great to hear, right?!) I started 2B Mindset on Wednesday shifting my focus to nutrition. I have lost 4.5 lbs so far.. most of it probably bloat but I’ll take it! As I was cleaning my room tonight I spotted these jeans. See I never showed y’all progress in these because I’m realistic and don’t know that I will get to fitting in these again. But I had taken a progress photo (left) on January 16th. I did try them on the end of phase 2 of 80 Day Obsession when I got into my other goal pants but never took pics cuz they only went up like another inch. When I spotted them tonight I thought why not 🤷🏼‍♀️. The difference in now and my old thinking is this pair of jeans does not define how healthy I am becoming. There is no longer this emotional attachment to clothes that causes a let down, followed by emotional eating. That’s done. I knew they wouldn’t go on, and that’s okay. They are Hollister Jeans from the 11th grade of high school 😂. Aside from the mental shift and awesome progress this week, I thought I’d show you what progress can happen in a short amount of time. To me 4 months is not that long... maybe it’s longer for you but I’m way closer to fitting in these than I ever expected. Time to keep pushing forward 💪🏻💪🏻 #80dayobsessionresults #2bmindset #dosomethinggoodforyourself #2018goals #letsdothis
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#80'nightattheclub 😍😎👏🍹🎶👭💃#alldolledup 😘😍🙌💯😎 #timetoparty 💃😁💯🎊#goingtodancemyassofftonight 💃👏🙌🍸#letsdothis 🙋‍♀️ #littleblackdress🖤👠👗 #cruisesareawesome🛳 #redheadsdoitbetter😎
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So much more happier and healthier on the right 💕Nothing feels like healthy feels. I can tell you from experience, say YES to yourself. If I was able to make a change, so can you! . A new week starts tomorrow, a brand new opportunity to go after the best version of you. Let me help you get there 🙌🏼 Leave the doubts to the side, you deserve to feel GREAT. . . Message me now 📲347.993.9257, send me a DM or fill out my wellness evaluation and I will contact you. . . #FeelYourBest #SummerIsNear #LetsDoThis #NewWeekAhead
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