I think sometimes we don’t realize how much something someone says can effect us, or stick with us, especially when it’s someone you look up to! Legit had a life changing realization this morning while I was doing my personal growth. 🤯🤯 I have let something a mentor said to me hold me back instead of pushing me to be better! It wasn’t even anything crazy! It was just a small statement in a casual conversation but for some reason my brain built it up to be more than it was & hung onto it! I let it instill this fear and doubt in me that i didn’t even realize was there until his morning! Well subconscious...I’m breaking FREE of the crazy limiting beliefs you’ve let me create! I will no longer be held back, this next year is the year of GROWTH, so you better watch the F out! #movebitchgetouttheway ✌🏼 I mean you can keep watching, or squash your own limiting beliefs and grow WITH me! Links in my bio...ALWAYS! 😘💕🌈
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Happy Friyay beautiful souls, hope you all have a fantastic weekend.
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Only me to take a photo when there’s a sign right behind me, forbidding me to do so 😬😬 Happy Friday friends!! Choose to be kind today. To be loving to yourself and to others. To smile big and wide because you can. To hydrate your body and to take care of it. To take a nap if you need it and rest your soul and body. Annnnnd most importantly to be kind to yourself, to take a break if you need it. 🌸🌻🌞
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If I were honest, I struggle SO much with how I look. I hate my square face shape. I hate my hormonal acne. I hate how big my nose is. I hate my under eye bags. I hate how I always hold weight in the lower part of my stomach The problem is that I should not feel this way. See, everyone says “love yourself” or try to push the idea of body positivity onto others. I do it too, frequently We are all on our own journeys to loving ourselves and it is important that you remember this. You do not know someone’s history or their current situation. Just take it easy on yourself and the people around you In the morning, do not look in the mirror and pick out the things you hate. Instead look at yourself and find even the smallest of things you love about yourself and your body I love my freckles. I think my eyes are a pretty shade of blue. I love how I have one dimple when I smile. I think the snort I do when I laugh really hard is endearing I know how hard it is, but you have to start somewhere...
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