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We attend a home a home ed co op. Djembe drumming was first. A had a brilliant time. Even getting up to help lead. L didn't play anything, it was too noisy for him and we hadn't taken the ear defenders. He was also really not feeling great today either. Next up was time with the French tutor, learning colours. We will practice during the week reinforcing what we learnt today. It was also a Viking theme today with lots of team work to make a Viking boat from cardboard boxes. We came home and did a little gardening whilst waiting for our friends to arrive. L&A enjoyed having their friends around for tea. #djembe #music #homeedcooperative #vikings #cardboard #playingwithfriends #socialisation #learningfrench #confidence #homeeducation
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Five years of French at school, and now I'm back to the basics. #learningfrench
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se sentir confiante (verb) - to have self-confidence. Benefit number 5. Learning a second language can increase your personal confidence You know that elusive self-esteem people talk about and can be lost so easily sometimes? Yeah, you can’t build that by taking a course on self-confidence.You have to accomplish and overcome other things and that will give you the confidence to go forward and believe in your ability to work through anything that comes. Learning a language gives you the process, determination, and confidence you need to go forward and do difficult things, move out of your comfort zone, and be confident even when you make mistakes. #makemistakes #learnfrench #lea#learningfrench #learningisfun #failforward #takearisk #trustyourself #liveyourbestlifenow #learning
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