✨Attention all high school girls✨ Want to be a part of this awesome group? Our Springboarders application deadline is June 1st, and we would love to have you be a part of our teen leadership group! Springboarders meet once a month to discuss relevant issues for girls ages 13-18, create content for our website, learn from inspiring female role models, meet girls from different schools, build your digital portfolio, and volunteer in the community. This is a great way to get involved with others who liked to be empowered and empower others! Head to the link in our bio to apply and find out more.
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Bathong Styling Gel Ke Styling Gel hleng😂 Young African Leadership Initiative 14 Countries Under one Roof Southern Africa (Angola,Botswana,Comoros,King of Eswatini,Lesotho,Madagascar,Malawi,Mauritius,Mozambique,Namibia,Seychelles,South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe - One African Flag ⛳ #YALIrlcSA2018 @YALI_SAfrica We Are The Chosen Generation We Are The Voice to Africa We Are Shaping Our African  Continent YALI invest in a new generation of young african leaders who are shaping the continent's future. It builds a prestigious network of young african leaders who are at the forefront of change and innovation in their respective sectors. So we are here about 140 leaders from 14 different Countries(Southern Africa) being given this opportunity to grow and enhance our leadership skills. The Young African leaders initiative (YALI) Is A Signature Effort To Invest In The Next Generation Of African Leaders. The Need To Invest In Grooming, Strong, Results -Oriented Leaders Comes Out Of The Statistics : Nearly 1 in 3 Africans are Between The Ages of 10 and 24 , And Approximately 60% Of Africa's Total Population Is Below The Age Of 35. In Pursuit Of Its Ideals, RLC -SA Aims To ----Create Critical Thinkers. - Solve Complex And Multidisciplinary Problems. - Foster Entrepreneurial Thinking - Innovative Use Of Information, knowledge And Opportunities - Encourage Communication and Multicultural collaboration. - Create Awareness of Contemporary African Issues. Objectives of the RLC - SA * To Provide the Platform And Tools To Empower Dynamic Young Africans * To Awaken Their Innate Leadership Potential For The Benefit Of Africa And It's Global Partners *A Program to Develop Young And Transformative African Leaders. We Are Winning The War of Poverty, Unemployment and Inequality...We Are Coming For Everything. We Must Find A Purpose or Cause to Pursue, Otherwise All We Have Left Are Our Imperfections To Focus On. Poverty is The State of Mind . You Don't Become What You  WANT, You Become What You BELIEVE . #leaders #innovativethinkers #leadersoftoday #yalicihort13 #entrepreneurs #pioneers #continentshapers  #philanthropists #publicmanagement #civicleadership #businesslead
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What are you reading? Here is a small stack of my educational books!! There are stacks everywhere!! I love to learn!! How about you?
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Happy Memorial Day Weekend! @cobra_fit ❤️😍🐻😽😽
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