👩‍🎤Missha 7 Days Coloring Hair Treatment (Lavender Purple) ◽️ Description: rock dramatic colors for a week, color fades to original color after a week without damaging hair ◽️ Key Ingredients: keratin, collagen, silk amino acids, panthenol ◽️ Texture: like paint from a tube ◽️ Scent: ahh I forgot how it smelled, but don’t remember it having a bad scent ◽️ How to use: shampoo hair and towel dry, don’t use conditioner or other hair treatments, apply and leave on for 5-10 minutes depending on desired brightness, rinse with lukewarm water and dry completely ◽️ Results: So, I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but I’ve been so into coloring my hair lately. However, my hair is pretty damaged now so I’ve turned to these temporary hair colors/treatments. I reviewed the Aprilskin one some posts ago, but I’ve got to say, I think this one is the winner. It doesn’t come with gloves like the Aprilskin one, so I had to get down and dirty with bare hands. It worked better this way actually. I could rub the product into all areas of my hair easier. I suggest putting a towel around your shoulders, but since it’s temporary the color can be washed out if you get it on clothes. Each treatment only contains 25ml of product. I used 2 packages this time which surprisingly covered most of my hair, but 3 packages would probably be perfect since my hair is fairly long and I have a LOT of it. I probably left it in for about half an hour because I got distracted watching 📺. I was so surprised at how soft my hair felt and I loved the lavender purple. 💕 -Margie ◽️ Price: ~$3.50 @yesstyle ◽️ Rating: 5/5 ◽️ Repurchase? Absolutely yes! It’s easy to use, makes my hair feel great, and the color looks great as well. ◽️ #purplehair #hairtreatment #haircolor #missha #kbeautyhairproduct #koreanhairproduct #lavenderhair #ombre #ombrecolor #temporaryhaircolor #haircare #haircareproducts
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