Designer luxury penthouse in Wilshire Center with an expansive 2,400 sqft open floor plan and floor to ceiling windows and unobstructed, panoramic views! DM us for a private viewing. Offered at $2,750,000 |Listed by @brokering_la & @aramafshar.
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Writing up an offer for an open house visitor. Serious buyers don't let the rain keep them from finding their dream home! ☔️
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As well as being able to find your next dream home. If you want to sell or even build new one we can also help you achieve that 😄 Please contact us for more information ❤️
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Left Upland it was raining, got to Palm Desert and this is my patio for the next couple days!
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I stay inside and play dress 👗 up on a rainy day. #throwbackthursday
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Throwback to a house we built and sold with a pool in Hancock Park right off Melrose #kenihandevelopment #kenihanconstruction #larealestate #tbt #throwbackthursday
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