I’ve decided to start taking pictures of things and then putting the Korean word with it so that I can learn it. Since I’m a bit of a visual learner. #달 #한글 #moon #languagelearning
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🎶 On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me... a book of Dutch words I don’t understand!! 🎶 (def the worst one in our Dutch class tonight🤦‍♀️) • • • It was the Monday-est Tuesday I ever had but I managed to make it through! (C story for highlights) How about you guys? Today I layered a western style chambray from @gap with an oversized cardigan and black pants. Tip: Try adding a pair of funky earrings in a pop of color to dress it up a bit ✨✨ • • • Sidenote: it has been dark 90% of my day lately (maybe a bit dramatic) and I’m starting to feel a bit like a vampire 🧛‍♀️ Winter... why you like this? ❄️❄️❄️ • • • • • • • #fromwhereistand #onlineshopping  #outfitoftheday #sty#styleblogger  #fashionblogger #whatiwore #fashiondiaries #outfitideas #outfitinspiration #stylegram #styleblog #stylediaries #whatiworetoday #aboutalook #chictopia #flashesofdelight #cardigans #bootieseason #blackpants #chambray #bloggersunder5k #oversizedsweater #bun #tasselearrings #dutchclass #languagelearning #netherlands #cozyhome #redlip
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Happy Holidays from the Coucou Team! Come be Merry with us at Taix Restaurant this Thursday in the Lounge Room. 7:30-10pm. #curatedbycoucou #happyholidays #santa
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Why can’t I make these at a reasonable hour like wtf #french #language #languagelearning #learningfrench #français #meme #frenchmeme #meem #riplol #yowhat123 #ugh#ughmood123 This is my tag that all my posts will be under: #ughmood123
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🎉 Daily cards for Wednesday 12th December, 2018. 🎉 (Channeled messages) _________________________________ ☘️ I’m hearing ‘learning a new language.’ If you’ve been planning to go overseas over the Christmas break, or in the new year sometime, you want to be prepared for your journey. You’ve done plenty of research, so you know what to expect when you arrive. If this is for educational purposes, it’s going to be a great help to you. ✨ ☘️ Specific message: Pisces, the arrows of love are heading straight at you! 🥰 Someone has been eager to tell you how they feel, but they’ve been keeping a tight lid on it. Instead, they’ve been ‘watching’ and ‘longing’ for you, on social media. Now, the universe is giving them a much needed push to come forward, and to speak their truth. A message containing a declaration of love is highly likely to be coming your way very soon, and you will be ‘over the moon’ to receive it! For some of you, there is a distance between yourself and this person, and they are seriously considering hoping in the car (or on a plane), to go and see you. 😍 You will be ‘stoked,’ should they visit. On the other hand, if someone has ignited an inferno of strong passion and love within you Pisces, there is no denying that you want to ‘run’ to this person, and to tell them everything that you’ve been feeling. Whether they know how you feel, the strength and intensity of those of it, or they don’t, the top is about to pop right off of that bottle. 😂 You want that person. And BADLY’ too! 😉 This is hot stuff! ✨ ☘️ Specific message: A teleconference has been scheduled to take place between you and a new employer. Try to calm your nerves. It will run smoothly and you will be offered the job. ✨ ☘️ Just when you thought it was safe to relax, and that you had taken care of all of your duties and responsibilities, something else comes up and throws a spanner in the works. Make sure that you prioritise to avoid becoming overwhelmed, or burnt out. Similarly, if you would rather say ‘no,’ do so, and don’t feel guilty about it. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first. 👇 Last three channeled messages in the comment section below 👇
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