Stay here with me Mum, have a long weekend 😘
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So I upchucked this morning. While I was in Roxy, the convertible car. With the roof down. While we were on the motorway 😳 Mum said some words I've never heard before 🤔 sorry Mum
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Noooooo! Squeaky monkey's squeak fell right out...I think he's gone 😱😢 #killedmymonkey
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Ran into my reflection on my morning walk. She's so cute ❤
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Dude! Are we related? #wombatsofPalmBeach
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Mum bought me a chuckit today. It's neat, I can pick it up easier than a standard frisbee 🙌
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Let's you 'n me blow this joint, Michelle 🥰
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