BIG MOOD ! On a real OG 🤑 #ladyred
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@the@theabgb Hell Yes Project is tonight at 6 pm @apathriftsouth Lady Red will be joining you at 7 and then head over to @theabgb for a beer and get to know her better. @dogsoftheabgb • • • • • • Hi all! If you’ve been to the ABGB, you’ve probably seen our APA!APA board featuring @aus@austinpetsalive long stay dogs. Lady Red, this beautiful pup, is one of the dogs on our board! Please read the repost, and if you or someone you know can help out, it would be so amazing! She’s so super sweet! #Repost @diannejustwantstohelp ・・・ We have an update. Lady Red is staying with her foster family but we need to start getting her some notice so we can find her forever family. She is a special needs girl with diabetes. It is so easy to regulate with 2 insulin injections a day and a strict diet. That's all that is needed. She would prefer to be your only pet. Because she has vision issues from the diabetes not being treated before coming to APA!, it is best that any children around her understand that loud noises, being in her face, & quick movements startle her. If you can find a place in your heart and home for her please contact me here or email [email protected] #foreverhomeneeded #loveme #specialneedsdog #ineedtobeloved #atxdogs #dogsaroundaustin #ladyred #adoptable #dontbullymybreed #austintxdogs #austinpaws #adoptabledogsofinstagram #adoptabledogsofaustin #dogsofapa #dogsof512 #adoptladyred #apafosterneeds #austinpetsalive @adopt_lady_red @[email protected] @apamatchmakers @apafosterdogadoptions @apafosterdogneeds @austinpetsalive @thedodo @susiesseniordogs
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The Side Piece has arrived😂she ready Vroom, vroom. #MyFavoriteRR #LadyRed
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Join us tonight at 8pm to watch Lady Red as they perform for the LAST time at the the gym, and before we arrive in Pensacola, FL for the US Finals! Lady Red will be competing this weekend on a GOLD PAID bid and we have had so much fun coaching this team! Lady Red has demonstrated amazing perseverance and grit this season and we are SO proud of them! We can’t wait to celebrate these girls one last time tonight! This event is FREE and open to the public and we hope to see you there! ❣️#WeAreFearless #LadyRed #SeniorLevel3 #Okuurtt
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