This goes out to the people that didn’t know... My passion for cars did not die and it will never die. This year I’ve been super BUSY, I bought a new truck and recently bought my first house. I quickly felt overwhelmed from the all responsibilities I had so I simply put my hobby on a firm hold to watch my expenses. Now with my finances readjusted, I’m glad to say that... “Today, I got time cuh!” and I’m making a come back. So that’s the good news, here’s the bad. I’ve also decided that I will be parting out my 95 CX Civic. I’ve had a long history with my beloved hatch but it has to be done in order to focus on my Integra. Having two builds is too much for me to handle. The part out will take place in about a month from now, have a couple of locals calling dibs on certain items already, if you guys see something you may need let me know. Hit me with a DM. With that being said, yea ! I’m still alive everyone. Photo by : @scrawny_donny #onlythelegit
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Done just right 🔥🔥🔥 #honda #civic #kseries #k20 #1320video #vtecclubusa
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