Monday is here! Honestly I didn’t wait for Monday to start this challenge but it kinda happened that way! I’m so excited for what these 8 weeks are about to be 🤗 I am learning more and more about fitness and I’m really enjoying it this time! Maybe I will even steal a personal trainer study material from bae 🧐🧐🧐 For now, I’m perfecting my weighing food and cooking skills, looking up all the names of workout that are in my plan and trying to get the best results from @valentinalequeux ‘s challenge! Wish me luck 💁🏼‍♀️ Oh, here is another picture from paradise 😇 @paradisechallenge @kowatches #KOMansion #KOwatches #Par#Paradiselenge #ParadisechallengeHawaii #Paradise #Hawaii #Oahu #contentcreators #Influencers
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Cheers to #humpday 🍑 I need to start taking regular pictures because I don’t think you guys are ready for all this heat coming your way 🤷🏼‍♀️ Special thanks to @ohrangutang and @cristinapilo for making me feel like a queen! And thank you @dr.mobootygains for training me before this trip, honestly couldn’t have done it without you! I’m not ashamed because I worked my ass off for what I look like, and it’s only up from here 🙏🏽 @paradisechallenge @kowatches #KOMansion #KOwatches #Par#Paradiselenge #ParadisechallengeHawaii #Paradise #Hawaii #Oahu #contentcreators #Influencers
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Lookout for this babe @nikki_trinidad_ in @playboyphilippines
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How lovely is the silence of growing things 🌱 📸 @joellondonphotography bikini handmade by @cristinapilo 🖤 @paradisechallenge @kowatches #paradisechallenge #komansion
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Happy Monday! Reflecting on the trip to Hawaii, here are a couple of things: 1. My mindset going in was way off 2. Even though I worked really hard to get my body right it wasn’t 3. I didn’t stick to my regular shoot routine during the challenge (not eating before shoots, working out everyday) 4. I didn’t know how to pose 5. I didn’t do my job as a model so I felt like I didn’t have the room to ask anything of a photographer 6. Yes, I’m hard on myself but that’s what I have to do to get where I’m going 7. I missed the opportunity to become friends with a lot of amazing people because I was closed off (just my personality at first) So that being said, I re-evaluated my purpose. I’m working on bettering myself in every aspect. Hopefully when it’s time for the next @paradisechallenge, I’m ready mentally and physically! 📸 @verushkasmirnova @kowatches #KOMansion #KOwatches #Par#Paradiselenge #ParadisechallengeHawaii #Paradise #Hawaii #Oahu #contentcreators #Influencers
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