The approval of others is fickle, our authenticity is vital. . The opinion of others has never been an accurate measuring rod of our worth, or even our success and can derail us from our purpose if we let it. . Our value is not determined by how people respond to us. Great things have been done and great causes fought for in the face of opposition and unpopularity. This continues to take place today. . We don’t seek out disapproval or dis-unity. We seek to live a life of love with kindness and respect. But at the same time we must free ourselves of a life enslaved by the pursuit of people’s good opinion and learn to be content with who we are and true to what we believe to be right. . Sometimes our words or decisions will cause disappointment or will be misunderstood. Sometimes we will misunderstand others. . Let’s be good communicators, let’s seek to clarify discrepancies. Let’s listen to wise input. Let’s be considerate. Let’s own our mistakes. But let’s also stay in our own lane. . We are not responsible for everyone else’s emotions. Nor do we make others responsible for ours. It is for us to steward what is in our own heart. . Don’t change shape to adjust to every surrounding pressure or opinion. Remain genuine. Sometimes pleasing people can get in the way of loving people. . The world needs us to show up with our full selves, less fearful and more free to get on with what we’re here for. Not hindered by the kind of approval seeking that sabotages our ability to be ourselves and walk courageously. . #stilllearning #lifegoals #authenticity #youwillneverpleaseeveryone #livingbravely #livingfromworthnotforworth #knowwhoyouare
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Unapokuwa kwenye safari yako kuelekea juu, usiruhusu mtu yeyote kukugusa kwa sababu utaathiriwa na jinsi wanavyokufikiria. #jitambue #simamaimara #iknowwhoiam #knowwhoyouare #staystrong
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I FEEL PRETTY, OH SO PRETTY!!aguuuuy. 😝😂 #instaselfie #knowwhoyouare #feelthismoment
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Know Who You Are @ovu_go
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Remember that! Remember that when you're looking at Instagram like it's real life. There is nothing wrong with you. The world we live in is the problem. Social media is a blessing and a curse. No one is perfect. Even though they portray perfection. #nothingwrongwithyou #you #lies #false #real #honest #world #selfdoubt #envy #stayfocused #reality #igisnotreality #instagramisnotreality #selfacceptance #selflove #confidence #loveyourself #embraceyourself #knowwhoyouare #beconfidentinyourself #woman #believe
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