Free shed! 💰I don't particularly believe in a higher power but if there is someone up there they've really been looking out for our allotment! 👏🏻 Popped to the plot after swapping my day off to find the builders clearing space for an on site toilet 🚽 (thank goodness) only to find them about to flatten this old tool shed! 😱 I asked them to chuck it over our fence and after some negotiation about how many beers I would give them in return now we have a shed! This will be a great storage space to keep the plot tidy but also those walls a perfect vertical growing space for more hanging baskets! Happy Easter all! 🏠🍺🌼🐣
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In go the Jerusalem artichokes Which were started off in pots in the greenhouse a few months ago. I’ll then grow a trailing squash in front of them to flow into the path and up the chokes😉 #gar#gardening #kitchengarden #growyourown #allotment #garden
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