Finally got my Kevin Durant 36” bobblehead from @bobbleheadhall with the help of my friends. Got lucky that I was able to purchased number 1/50..... I noticed today that there were changes in the so-called “brittle” 2016 cavs champ bobbleheads. 1) the trophy ball is more sturdy and has more peg base than last year which resulted in 50 pct of the trophy bobbles being crushed that year; and 2) it is bigger than its predecessor.
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Some people probably think he’s top 5 but I think Harden, Bron, AD, Dame and Derozan are in front of him. He should at least be ahead of Demar even if the Raptors are in first place, Demear has playing at the level Russ has. Plus OKC is at the 4 spot in the West while Toronto is at the 1st seed in the East. West>East so maybe OKC would do just as good as Toronto or maybe better if they were in the East. And oh yeah, they beat them yesterday. And also AD has been injured a lot and Russ is leading the team to more wins. AD would be ahead of Russ if he didn’t get injured 24/7. So imo, Russ should be in 3rd place in the MVP race. Comment your thoughts below #torontoraptors #demarderozan #kylelowry #barney #bostonceltics #kyrieirving #jaysontatum #alhorford #houstonrockets #jamesharden #chrispaul #clintcapela #goldenstatewarriors #kevindurant #stephcurry #portlandtrailblazers #damianlillard #cjmccollum #jusufnurkic #itshouldhavebeenlauri
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