☠️MARCH 20, 2019💪🏻 It may not seem like it, but kettlebell swings and burpees are a very potent combo cardio wise. Not only are you trying to control your breath with every swing of the kettlebell but you also have to time it perfectly to where you are not holding your breath during the burpees. So with that, I made sure to keep everything focused and have smart rep to set breaks. What does that mean? That means when you have a set with 20 reps, you should break it up into 4 sets of 5 reps each with a 3 sec step back and get straight back into your reps. You can apply this to any workout that has a high rep count. For this workout I did kettlebell swings and burpees with a rep count of: 10-10 11-11 12-12 13-13 14-14 15-15 16-16 17-17 18-18 19-19 20-20 My total time to complete the workout was between 20-25 mins which isn’t bad considering, but I wasn’t expecting it to be as hard as it was!! Aside from that, I have to say a huge thank you to Jacob from @bigspeedandstrength for letting me workout at their gym for an hour and work on their athletes for a couple hours. #crossfit #intheopen #kettlebellswings #burpeesfordays #shirthadtocomeoff #noshirtnoproblem #massagetherapist #workoutafterwork #crossfitgirls #girlswithmuscle #cardioisworthit #workhardplayhard #selfcare #myhappyplaceisinthegym #getoutofyourhead @nobullproject
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It's Holi also day!!! Festival yes but still managed to squeeze in a short tabata workout!! Today's workout.. Kelltlebell Swings and farmer's walk!! #cardio #hiit #tabata #kettlebellswings
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@tonefloreal putting in the solo work to prepare for his certification. Yes KPP is a partner system and it has components to be trained on your own so that you can be a good partner. ・・・ @kettlebellpartnerpassing INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATION 90 DAY CHALLENGE — to partner pass a 24kg (53 lb) Kettlebell without dropping and stopping for 1 hour straight. Day 16 (week 3) Broken sleep w/ wild dreams in between. Woke up earlier than I would like for work commitment. Took 30 min nap in afternoon. Felt much more refreshed for workout. Today’s Workout 💪🏽💣🔥 @oxygenadvantage nose-unblocking exercise warmup before run to Cliff House and back to car. That route is starting to get easier with the breath training. Will increase the challenge/skill ratio. Kettlebell Swings & Kettlebell Juggling 2 hands and alternating hands KB Hand-to-Hand KB Front Flip KP Back Flip KB Pistol Flip #ket#kettlebellworkout #kettlebellswings #kettlebell #kettlebellpartnerpassing #kpptribe #flo#flow #flow #flowstate #juggling #oxygenadvantage
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