Martin Luther King Jr. I struggle to think of any one man who has had more impact on American culture in the last century. For me, his work has been an inspiration and influence my entire life. I know we are not at the mountaintop yet...but we are closer than ever before. A few years ago I stood not far from where his life was lost...myself lost for words and fighting tears. To have heros is one thing but to see where a hero was fallen because his vision was greater than minds could grasp or allow is another. I am grateful for his influence and that I was raised to see only people, worthy of respect. #keepthedreamalive #wearelivingit #ifyourgoingtoleanyoushouldleanonthelord
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Stand for what YOU believe in, STAND TALL. Even if that means you’ll be standing alone... in what feels like pure darkness 🌹 #MLKDAY - - - #KeepTheDreamAlive #WeStandTogether #mlk #mlkweekend #mlkquotes #phulasalon #phulamiami #phūlamiami #quotes #wor#wordsofwisdom #words #monday #mondaymotivation #faith #dreams #igers #instagood #love #lovetrumpshate
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To have some kind of family connection to this great man is an honor. His wonderful wife, Coretta Scott King, is my second cousin and I was blown away when I found out years ago. Martin Luther King played such a huge role in uniting people, no matter their color or culture. Because of his obedience to the Lord and passion to see everyone come together as one family, I’m able to freely love my fiancé and create relationships with people who don’t look like me. I, along with many others, are fighting to keep his dream alive. You set the example of loving any and everyone. It’s beyond inspiring and we are grateful for you. #keepthedreamalive
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