I work from home so on a daily basis I look like a slouch. So when I get dressed and wear something cute it's a special occasion. Thus, the photo. 🤣 My niece gave me this @gabunion @nyandcompany dress. I got a compliment as soon as I got out of the car-> "I love your dress!" 👍🏾👏🏾 Great job #gabrielleunion #newyorkandcompany #nyandcompany #karlaliving #ootd Oh and I love an #espadrille ! @targetstyle 🙌🏾
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St. Barts sightseeing by car. Mini-road trip. #twingo #voiture #karlaliving #frenchwestindies
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Day Two: St. Martin. The seafood pizza was divine. #karlaliving
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I call this choppin' bottles. 🤣 🔪🍾 Thanks @tori.issy for the amazing birthday dinner and weekend! #whistler #thechampagneexperience #champagnesabre #birthdaymonth #teamaries #likeaboss #karlaliving
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Let the celebration begin (or continue)! 🎉🎉🎉 I'm so excited! You can tell by my lazy eye (and my eyebrow LOL) that I'm sleep deprived. LOL My niece and sister called themselves helping me pack but got up in Target and were shopping til they dropped. LOL SMH I haven't slept since Wednesday night. Will get plenty of sleep on the plane so I'll be wide awake when I drive to Vancouver. 😊 Hitting the ground running but might have time for lunch at Dick's. 😋 #birthdaymonth #teamaries #karlaliving
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#fbf I ordered a canvas of this photo for my home gym. I look at this picture and feel like it was 10 years ago but it was Summer 2015. I was 42 looking like 32. LOL I was "home" for Carnival. This is the best I've looked in years and I still wasn't at my goal. I had to work the angles and suck it in to get this look but this is my inspiration now. 🤣 I wish I could suck it in now and look like this. LMAO! I'm in the process of renewing my mind and shifting my lifestyle and habits and it ain't easy. Doing nothing can be fun but after a while, if you do it too long, you'll look like you've been doing nothing. I lost 3 little pounds and I'm ready to be done but I have to remember this is not a journey to a destination. This is a transformation-- mind, body, and spirit so that I can be the best me that I can be and I can be here for a while. I will be eating right and working out for the rest of my life. I don't have the genes that allow me to eat anything, not workout, and look fit. I have to work for it and work for it I will. Who's with me? #letsgetit #iwill #karlaliving #diginyourheels #SVG #bikini #beachbody #40plus #breastcancer #survivor
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Team Dig in Your Heels representing! #latepost #tbt #Paris #DigInYourHeels #beret #Karlaliving
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#latepost #tbt Coffee and a crepe nutella with Grand Marnier on Rue Cler #Paris #Karlaliving
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