so yesterday at work, i was awarded the “empathy empress” award. no one at my work really knows how important it means to me so let’s start here: my boss read, “an empathy empress has the ability to step into the shoes of another person, aims to understand their feelings and perspectives, & uses that understanding to guide their actions. can it be emotionally exhausting? yes. but some people believe it is a super power which makes the empathy empress a super hero. our super hero is sam.” it took everything not to just sob after hearing this. this has been a really rough & exhausting season of life for me & a particularly hard week. my mental health has been not great & that’s really kinda shown in my performance at work & it’s been a point of shame for me. i always strive to do 200% at all i do & lately my body leaves me feeling 70% or lower. still, i try to walk through those doors & care for & help those i interact with every day. to be seen as a super hero during a time where i feel unmotivated & powerless gives me so much inspiration to just keep moving forward & keep striving for wellness & care of myself & others. it is also monumental for others to see my capacity for feeling as a strength & not a weakness. sadness has always followed me as a massive part of my identity & i’ve been trying to separate from that, & being thought of as empathic feels so much more empowering. i am so grateful for all my job has gifted me, the incredible & talented people i work with every day, how it is a place that continues to inspire me, & to work in a place where i really feel i belong. anyway. thanks @amyinkc for seeing strength in a time of weakness. love all of y’all at @imaginethatkc.✨#kc #kcmo #kansascity #kansascitymo #igkansascity #imaginethat #mentalhealth
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Red Friday ♥️💛 We’re gonna beat those Rams Monday #chiefskingdom #kcmo #redfriday #kansascity #images
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POTTERY PASSION // I got to spend the day with @walnutcreekpottery learning about wheel throwing • • • David is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about pottery. Turn the sound on to hear how David got his start • • • #pottery #wheelthrowing #clay #art #videoography #videographer #videoproduction #smallbusinessowner #kc #kansascity #kcmo #overlandpark #ebaumsworld
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HOORAY! With your help we have provided wellness screenings to 11,475 students in the #KansasCity metro since the beginning of the school year!
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Shadow play — Check out @satyress page for her incredible makeup talents.
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Friday views. 🤤 While the chilly weather is upon us, today is BEAUTIFUL! What are you up to? 📸: @flyhighkc (Be sure to check out his IG account, the pics are 😍)
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