There’s no glamorous way up #kaaucrater To start it’s a climb down boulders that are gushing with running water then the stream side trek is wet and muddy jumping side to side across the running stream It seems for ever that you are climbing up and up and when you are up there after a 2 hour hike Then you get to walk the ridge Unfortunately I didn’t get any clear pictures up there It was pouring down with rain that would have killed my phone and probably killed me if I kept on walking the ever slippery ridge path Made it down in one piece well I broke a finger nail 🙄 covered in mud walked the 2 miles to nearest bus luckily they let Me on I was caked in mud #motivation #strongwomen #seeyouatthetop #adrenalinerush
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#kaaucrater it's a tough#trek #hawaii
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Just climbed #kaaucrater it was tough going Doing it on My own even tougher especially when you have been walking two hours until you see sky 2 hours in until I was at the top Tough descent as heavy rain fall only saw three couples on route It felt at times I was in an Indiana Jones movie #trek #honoluluhawaii unmanned trek so really had to figure out the route Climbed across boulders In streams pulled myself up mountain faces by tree roots Loved It
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Reading Hawaii by James A. Michener is making me all kinds of nostalgic. This photo is from the top of the first waterfall on the Ka'au Crater trail in Honolulu. #kaaucrater #kaaucratertrail #topofthewaterfall #jamesamichener #goodbook #greathike
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A day late, but happy Valentine’s Day to this stud. Thanks for an awesome trip that just so happens to be on Valentine’s Day. New tradition? Lol 📸: @heatherj9218
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