Sometimes we come across such people in our lives that have long lasting effect and linger on in our memory. Brief meetings can turn out to be the most pleasing and lovable ones. While travelling north , I meet so many people . From our tour guide to driver , from hotel manager to fisherman , and from locals to children roaming on the streets . Some taught me life lessons , some admired me while others were the ones whom I got attached despite of the fact that I didnt know their background or other stuff and neither do they knew mine . But returning from tour was difficult because sometimes it’s the short meetings that have perpetual effect on you ❤️
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Yep.... quite at home!
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میں یادوں کا قصّہ کولوں تو، کچھ لوگ بہت یاد آتے ہیں کچھ باتیں تھیں پھولوں جیسی، کچھ لہجے خوشبو جیسے تھے میں شہر چمن میں ٹہلوں تو، کچھ دوست بہت یاد آتے ہیں
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